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Buy industrial washing machines from STAHL – advice and planning included

Professional washing machines for commercial use are available from the manufacturer STAHL Wäschereimaschinen in Sindelfingen. Whether for an in-house laundry in a hotel, in a retirement or nursing home, for the fire department or for a large-scale laundry: Anyone who wants to buy industrial washing machines will receive comprehensive advice and support in planning from the experts at STAHL. Customers can thus easily find the optimum laundry solutions for the

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Stahl Waschmaschinen

Commercial washing machines for every application

The manufacturer STAHL from Sindelfingen has been producing commercial washing machines for laundries, dry cleaners, mangling rooms, hotels, restaurants, care facilities, fire departments, building cleaners, industry and many other sectors for over 100 years. STAHL supplies everything from a single source: the perfect commercial washing machines including comprehensive accessories for small or large businesses. STAHL’s laundry machines are manufactured exclusively at the company’s own site in Sindelfingen. Commercial washing machines:

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Large washing machines from STAHL

Washing machines in all sizes – huge selection at STAHL Wäschereimascheinen When it comes to professional washing machines for commercial use, the manufacturer STAHL from Sindelfingen is the first address in Germany. STAHL offers a wide variety of industrial washing machines with small and large capacities. From small to large: Washing machines for every application The professional all-rounder for all textiles and applications is the robust and durable STAHL washing

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Washing machines and soccer?

Soccer games are a hive of activity: people run and sweat, fight and cheer, and the odd fall is also part of the action. Of course, after the game, jerseys, pants and socks are correspondingly dirty and urgently need to be cleaned. What could be better than professional laundry technology? That’s exactly what the Stuttgarter Kickers thought and are thrilled that they have two ATOLL 140 and two T 236

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Washing machines in different sizes for various purposes

What is the optimal washing machine size for commercial use?

10 kg washing machines, 14 kg, 22 kg, 35 kg or 80 kg? While household washing machines are often only available between 5 and 10 kg, you have the choice with STAHL’s commercial laundry machines. For example, we offer the ATOLL commercial washing machine in 13 different sizes, from 6 kg to 115 kg. Which washing machine size is optimal for your application? Whether several 10 kg washing machines or

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Service at STAHL laundry machines

When you buy a STAHL laundry machine, we take back your old equipment!

It couldn’t be simpler: If you decide to buy a new STAHL laundry machine, we will take care of the dismantling, removal and proper disposal of your used equipment – regardless of the brand of your existing laundry technology. And that’s not all: Together with our competent partners, we deliver your new STAHL laundry machine exactly where you need it – worldwide. Our full-service delivery includes the safe delivery, installation

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Hygienic laundry in Ethiopia

Hygiene is key to the successful treatment of people in hospitals worldwide. In 2015, we received an inquiry from the association Doctors for Ethiopia: The Yirgalem General Hospital treats about 65,000 patients per year. Until now, all the laundry was done by hand under difficult and hygienically questionable conditions in the small laundry by two employees. In order to improve the hygienic conditions, it was a heartfelt wish of the

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Stahl laundry machines

Coronaviruses: Professional textile care can protect

An English study on the effectiveness of washing processes has shown that coronaviruses are still infectious on textiles for up to three days and must be thermally disinfected. The study gives the green light to professional textile care: all professional washing processes performed well in the study and were able to destroy traces of the coronaviruses. In home equipment, on the other hand, the risk of transmission is significantly higher:

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Why do wool sweaters actually shrink when treated incorrectly?

Professional launderers know that wool is sensitive. If you’re not careful and carelessly throw clothes made of high-quality, pure wool into the washing machine with other garments, it’s not uncommon to end up with a child’s sweater. But what is actually the reason for this? The wool fibers are surrounded by a layer of dandruff that snags during the spin cycle and causes the garment to shrink. Care labels make

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