Drying cabinet vs. dryer

Drying cabinet or dryer: Which is better for PPE textiles?

Textiles used as personal protective equipment (PPE) are exposed to many stresses, for example from hazardous substances after firefighting operations. PPE must therefore be cleaned regularly. Dryers and drying cabinets are indispensable to ensure that clothing can be used again as quickly as possible.

Drying cabinets dry more slowly, but more gently

Drying in a clothes dryer is usually twice as fast as drying in a drying cabinet. But many PPE textiles may not be dried in a dryer. To treat PPE as gently as possible, drying in a drying cabinet is therefore recommended. The advantage is that no mechanical stress is exerted on the textile in the drying cabinet, as the clothing hangs quietly on a hanger. Carabiners, buckles, Velcro fasteners, reflective stripes and imprints are not damaged.

Drying cabinet TS 1300 from STAHL: Maximum flexibility

Thanks to three adjustable temperature levels in the TS 1300 drying cabinet from STAHL (40 / 60 / 80 °C), many other items besides PPE can be dried gently. Even clothing that has only become wet, for example, can easily be processed at level 1 (40 °C) and does not have to be returned wet to the locker. The drying cabinet can be operated anywhere, as it does not require a high-voltage current. Instead, it runs on 230 V power to save energy and consumes a maximum of 3 kWh of electricity. Thanks to the various adapters on the unit, the STAHL TS 1300 drying cabinet offers maximum flexibility.

Drying in the drying cabinet is maximally gentle: The entire drying cabinet is heated evenly and moisture is removed from the air in the cabinet by the condensation process. The TS 1300 does not require any exhaust air to the outside. In contrast to an exhaust air cabinet, textiles in the TS 1300 are not exposed to direct high temperatures. The inside of the textiles and also thicker areas such as bags are thus completely dried without over-drying and damaging thinner areas. The hangers can be removed just like in a normal closet. This makes the STAHL TS 1300 drying cabinet easy to load and eliminates the risk of impact in the head area. In contrast, devices from competitors on the market use fixed hangers through which hot air is guided into the interior of the textiles. These ensure that the textiles become very hot in the shoulder area, leading to rapid overdrying and thus to damage.

With the STAHL TS 1300 drying cabinet, up to 8 sets of jackets and pants can be processed simultaneously – with a second clothes rail, even up to 20 jackets. 42 plug-in holders provide space for up to 21 pairs of boots or gloves and up to 40 masks and other accessories.

Optionally, the TS 1300 can be equipped with an ozone lamp. Ozone guarantees hygienic drying by reducing germs and odor.

The STAHL Drying Cabinet TS 1300 is the flexible and energy-saving for firefighter uniforms, rescue service textiles, other PPE, boots, gloves and much more!

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