How to wash dirt mats properly?

High-quality dirt-trapping mats are true all-rounders in corridors and entrance areas of office buildings, in industrial halls and even in private rooms. The sometimes very heavy mats reliably absorb dirt, water and sometimes even small stones, so that these are no longer carried further into the building. Especially in autumn and winter, such a doormat holds a lot of dirt securely. But at some point, even such a dirt-trapping mat itself must be cleaned again.

Dirt mats are thoroughly cleaned in an ATOLL

A commercial washing machine is at its limit pretty fast with this task . Alone already with the space requirement it becomes correctly narrow for a dirt catching mat in a machine in household size. In contrast, there is enough space for small and large mats in a washing machine from STAHL Wäschereimaschinen, depending on its design. But size alone is really not the decisive factor. After all, doormats should also get really clean when they are washed. After all, they are placed in their place of use after cleaning and have to perform at full capacity again.

To do this, the mat must also be pore-deep clean and completely free of coarse dirt, sand and small stones. This is no easy task, considering that the very structure of a dirt-trapping mat is quite special. The base is usually a stable layer of rubber. On it a kind of carpet from nylon, polypropylene, coconut fiber, microfiber or also cotton is fastened. As different as the materials are, as difficult is the cleaning process. Because even if a mat like this is used as a doormat and is trafficked by hundreds of shoes every day, the cleaning process must be as gentle as possible but still thorough.

Whether small or large quantities – there is enough space in the ATOLL

STAHL Wäschereimaschinen has also designed its ATOLL series washing machines for this case. These high-speed professional washing machines are designed for all types of textiles. Depending on the application, an ATOLL washing machine can be ordered in sizes ranging from 5.5 to 115 kilograms of laundry. In total, the industrial washing machine is available in 13 different sizes. Floor mats can easily find a place here and become really clean again thanks to the latest technology.

Regardless of the size, an ATOLL washing machine is always equipped with the same, high-quality components and capabilities. This starts with the stainless-steel manufacturing, continues with the oversized drum bearings and does not stop with the large-dimensioned stainless-steel drain valve. Thus, dirt-trapping mats are washed completely clean in this professional machine. Thanks to an intelligent control system, the ATOLL also works highly efficiently at the same time. This means that the textiles can also be cleaned economically.

Once the floor mats are completely clean, they can be dried again completely in the various laundry dryers from STAHL laundry machines. It depends on the area of application whether one of the three different tumble dryer models is used. After thorough washing, the remaining water in the washable mats is gently removed. And that without the rubber suffering or even being damaged.

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