Hygiene safety for the in-house laundry

Hygiene is an ongoing issue in laundries – and not just in relation to the laundry to be cleaned. Hygiene safety is particularly important in care facilities and in the healthcare sector, where textiles from a wide variety of areas come together in the laundry. Sophisticated concepts and equipment ensure that employees are protected from germs and that the cleaned laundry meets the highest hygiene standards.

Partition wall washing machines are a safe solution for in-house laundries in hospitals and retirement and care homes, where soiled textiles from a wide variety of living and working areas are cleaned on a daily basis. The separation allows the dirty laundry to be loaded on the dirty side and the cleaned laundry to be removed on the clean side. The appliances offer first-class hygienic washing performance for resident laundry, bed linen, incontinence pads, towels and washcloths as well as clothing. Our DIVIMAT partition wall washing machine has large doors that swing open 180 degrees to the side, making loading and unloading quick and easy. The separation reliably prevents contamination of the clean laundry on the clean side so that the highest hygiene standards are maintained.

Disinfection of tools

Another important aspect of hygiene safety is the equipment used, such as storage tables or transport containers. All surfaces that come into contact with soiled laundry can be contaminated with germs and must therefore be disinfected before they come into contact with clean laundry. Laundry trolleys and mesh containers can be cleaned in next to no time using disinfection locks. To do this, the containers are pushed into the airlock, where they are made germ-free again within a short time by spraying disinfectant and water or steam.

Security for employees

Especially in the care sector, there is an increased risk of infection for employees due to soiled textiles. In addition to partition washing machines and the disinfection of transport containers, proper hand hygiene is crucial for everyone in the laundry to protect themselves from infection. This includes regular hand washing as well as correct hand disinfection. Professional hand sanitizers that can be operated without contact are suitable for this purpose.

The STAHL team will be happy to provide you with advice and assistance at any time if you would like advice on equipping your laundry. We also find solutions for special structural requirements: For example, we also offer our DIVIMAT partition wall washing machine as a corner loader type.

Die Desinfektionsschleuse von STAHL

The disinfection lock from STAHL has very short set-up times thanks to the side-hinged doors and is easy to operate. This means that laundry trolleys and containers can be cleaned quickly and easily.

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