Hygienic laundry in Ethiopia

Hygiene is key to the successful treatment of people in hospitals worldwide. In 2015, we received an inquiry from the association Doctors for Ethiopia: The Yirgalem General Hospital treats about 65,000 patients per year. Until now, all the laundry was done by hand under difficult and hygienically questionable conditions in the small laundry by two employees. In order to improve the hygienic conditions, it was a heartfelt wish of the association to purchase industrial washing machines for the laundry.

We are pleased to have been able to provide two ATOLL 450s and a T246 dryer for a significant improvement in hygiene standards at the clinic.
There is often great joy among the staff when we deliver and set up our machines, but in this case the before and after picture is really extremely impressive. It is clear at first glance what a step forward our machines mean for the hospital and the staff working there.

Thanks in part to the professional laundry equipment, Yirgalem General Hospital has now reached second place in the nationwide hygiene ranking. We are proud that our machines are playing a major role in helping to contain infectious diseases.



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