KOMBIFOLD terry cloth folding machine

The STAHL KOMBIFOLD terry cloth folding machine folds, sorts and stacks terry cloth goods quickly and precisely up to a maximum size of 180×115 cm.

Advantages of the terry cloth folding machine

Suitable for: Towels, shower mats, blankets, aprons, fitted sheets, t-shirts, undervests and much more!

Make your life easier

Highlights of the high-performance KOMBIFOLD terry cloth folding machine

Fold up to 1800 items per hour with only one person

The KOMBIFOLD terry cloth folding machine is the right investment for you company – launderette, hotel, hospital, wellness centre – if large amounts of terry cloth goods are folded hours at a time by your staff. You will save time, effort and money and also save on staff.

Fold three different unsorted towel sizes simultaneously

The KOMBIFOLD terry cloth folding machine gently folds, reliably sorts, and accurately stacks three different sizes of terry towels at the same time. Your operating staff lay the unsorted terry towels on the feed conveyor in rapid succession. The folding machine checks the shape of the towel and folds them in the selected folding pattern using a patented air folding combination, sorts them by size, and then stacks them accordingly.

Easy to control via large display

The FREEpro touch freely programmable control unit allows you to create your own bespoke folding programmes and simply select or change them at any time. If your textiles are not fed in correctly, the folding machine rejects the unfolded laundry and in the event of an operating error, it stops immediately. This means the folding machine is always safe and easy to operate.

Ergonomic, user friendly & flexible design

Unsorted terry cloth items can be fed conveniently into the terry cloth folding machine by just one person while standing. The dry laundry folding machine has a central discharge belt fitted as standard to the right side of the machine which returns the items to the operator at an ergonomic height once the programmed number of stacks has been reached. Depending on your specific requirements, this conveyor belt can also be fitted to the left side of the machine. The finished laundry stacks can also be conveyed to the rear of the machine and, if required, can also be connected to a central discharge belt. These adjustments can also be made retrospectively, providing you with maximum flexibility.

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Technical data

KOMBIFOLD terry cloth folding machine

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