The history of washing machines

Washing clothing by hand at lakes and rivers was a cumbersome effort that lasted until the late 17th century. Inventor John Tizack figured that the laundry work needed a machine to simplify the process.

Tizack’s idea resulted in the development of a washer with a laundry press capable of directly wringing the laundered fabrics. His invention was the turning point for the washing industry. In the beginning, his washing machines were primarily used in large-scale industrial laundries, achieving greater laundering efficiency through technical assistance. Many inventors were working on washing machines from the 18th century onwards. The first washing machine with a perforated wash cylinder was built in 1902, although it was still a hands-on process. In 1909, the first washer was launched on the market, and it was in 1948 that STAHL built the first metal washing machine.

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