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Laundry machine technology for professionals

Commercial laundry technology from washing machines and dryers to the rotary ironers and folding machines: STAHL has been producing for over 100 years with great know-how and high production depth.

STAHL knows what its customers want: our machines offer tremendous flexibility to meet the needs of a wide range of industries, reliable quality through superior technology, robust processing, and cost-efficient performance.

But STAHL is not just a manufacturer: we also act as a trustworthy partner and a competent consultant.  Are you thinking about purchasing new laundry machines? Contact us! Together we will work out a concept and you can expect a quotation that is exactly tailored to your needs!

STAHL Laundry Machines is the German laundry technology company from Baden-Württemberg which since 1909 has been developing exclusively commercial laundry machines in Germany, producing them itself and selling them across the world as well as providing after-sales service.

STAHL Laundry Machines – a high-performing, modern family business
As a high-performing, modern family business with clear principles, quality comes first for us, closely followed by innovation and the requirement to produce economical, environmentally friendly and technically perfected laundry machines.

STAHL Laundry Machines – a mechanical engineering company based in Swabia
As a mechanical engineering company based in Swabia which since it was founded has been continuously managed by 4 generations of the Stahl family, we are continually developing new ground-breaking technologies for the laundry systems sector. Such as the STAHL Super Trough, the PTS Power Transmission System, the FREEpro microprocessor control unit, or the hydrodynamic washing process. We have our satisfied and loyal customers to thank for this. With your exacting standards you have driven our development and growth forward. You have inspired us to create ground-breaking new technologies.

STAHL Laundry Machines – focusing on our customers
As the customer, you and your personal objectives are what we focus on. We make time for you and listen attentively to what you have to say. We provide you with the concept that is ideal for you, so that you get the best possible benefit from the advantages that our products have to offer.

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STAHL Laundry Machines – a transparent, professional full-service supplier
As a professional full-service supplier of efficient, innovative, durable and service-proven laundry systems, STAHL Laundry Machines offers the complete product portfolio for fitting out your entire laundry on the best possible terms.

Product portfolio
STAHL Laundry Machines – a professional partnership for boosting future success
We look forward to working with you in a collaborative professional partnership that’s fit for the future. Goodbye for now – we hope to see you again!

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