Who is a cylinder ironer suitable for?

Ironers are indispensable for smoothing textiles such as bed linen, table linen and other flat linen in professional laundries. Businesses have the choice between flatwork and cylinder ironers to ensure the optimum linen finish. We explain the differences and for whom a cylinder ironer is the right option.

When processing textiles, laundries rely on professional ironing technology with commercial machines that are designed for high laundry capacities. A distinction is made between two types of ironers.

Ironers: Customised solution for different requirements

Trough ironers, also known as hot ironers, work with rollers in different diameters and working widths. During the ironing process, the roller guides the laundry through a heated trough. Trough ironers can exert a high pressure force and therefore guarantee an excellent linen finish. Companies with a high volume of laundry and large laundry items, such as laundries in hospitals, care facilities or large hotels, benefit from the effectiveness of the appliances and the outstanding finish. They are usually operated by two people, as the laundry is loaded on one side and removed on the other side of the appliance.

STAHL’s multi-roller flatwork ironers work with two or three rollers, making them particularly powerful and efficient. Return trough ironers are somewhat more space-saving and can be operated by just one person, which can be an important aspect for businesses with limited manpower.

Zylindermangeln von STAHL

Cylinder ironers: compact and energy-efficient

Cylinder ironers work with belts that guide the laundry past a heated cylinder. In the STAHL cylinder ironer, temperature-resistant flat belts guide the laundry over the cylinder, resulting in an ironing contact surface of 300°. Cylinder ironers work particularly efficiently and can be operated by just one person, as the appliances are very compact and the laundry is also returned on the input side (recirculation). The heat generated during ironing is counteracted by the metal cover on the STAHL cylinder ironer. This reduces heat radiation to a minimum, which has a positive effect on the working atmosphere and also saves energy.
Cylinder ironers are the right choice for businesses that want to iron laundry pragmatically: If the focus is on quantity and efficiency and the finish does not have to be perfect, cylinder ironers are reliable appliances.

Smaller companies in particular benefit from an efficient cylinder shortage:

  • The recirculation of the laundry makes installation on the wall very space-saving.
  • It is not absolutely necessary to pre-dry the laundry – STAHL cylinder ironers work with a high residual moisture content without a pre-drying phase.
  • Simple operation and an ergonomic dispensing height make the appliance particularly user-friendly. It can also be operated by just one person.
  • With a high throughput rate, many textiles can be ironed in a short time.
  • Robust construction, efficiency and low-maintenance operation help to keep the total cost of ownership low.
  • The cylinder ironer is suitable for bed linen, bed sheets, tablecloths, covers, tea towels and other flat linen. It therefore covers all areas of application in the laundry.
  • The purchase price is somewhat lower than for a flatwork ironer, so that even small companies with a lower budget do not have to do without professional ironing technology.

The STAHL team will be happy to help you find the right device for your needs. Simply get in touch with us or arrange a consultation.


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