Drying Cabinet TS 1300

The flexible and energy-saving STAHL TS 1300 drying cabinet is suitable for the gentle drying of all types of textiles and equipment.

Advantages of the TS 1300 drying cabinet

Suitable for: Fire brigade clothing, emergency services textiles and other PPE, boots, gloves, breathing masks, regulators, helmets, fire hoses, caps, ski boots, ski jackets and trousers, outdoor and hiking clothing, hiking and sports shoes, wetsuits, towels and bathrobes, outerwear, mops, life jackets, cloths and much more!

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Highlights of the unique STAHL TS 1300 drying cabinet

Maximum power consumption 3 kWh with only 230 V connection

The high-performance STAHL drying cabinet only required a 230 V power outlet and can be placed anywhere. The drying cabinet has a maximum power consumption of 3 kWh.

Efficient condensation drying

The TS 1300 is an efficient condensation drying cabinet that does not require a window or core drill hole to remove the moist air. The condensation can either be fed into the buildings drainage system or into a canister.
The drying cabinet is universal and can be used without construction work in all spaces without risk to the building structure.

Three temperature levels: 40 / 60 / 80°C

The STAHL TS 1300 drying cabinet has three temperature levels – 40, 60 and 80°C. This allows it to be used flexibly for quick and gentle drying of all kinds of textiles and equipment. The high temperature settings up to 80°C make it perfectly suited for activating waterproofing properties.
Two control options are available: A timer, which starts the drying cabinet at the desired time or a direct start with a running time of up to six hours.

Plug-in holders for boots, gloves and much more

The drying cabinet offers plenty of space for your equipment: For example, the STAHL drying cabinet can dry up to eight firefighter jackets and trousers simultaneously. It can also be used to dry hiking and outdoor textiles, as well as ski clothing and wetsuits. Thanks to its modular design, additional holders can be attached to the plug-in system without the need for tools. This allows the drying cabinet to be configured individually and adapted to suit your needs. With the matching holders, boots, helmets, masks, regulators, gloves and even fire hoses can be easily dried in the drying cabinet.

Hygienic drying with ozone

As an option, the TS 1300 can be equipped with an ozone lamp. This guarantees hygienic drying, as the harmless amounts of ozone reduce germs and odours.

Further features
  • Robust powder-coated steel design
  • Large side opening doors
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Technical data and dimensions

TS 1300 drying cabinet

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What are commercial drying cabinets used for?

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