Commercial laundry dryers for the quick, thorough and economical drying of your laundry

The perfect wash is the first step to perfect laundry. But after the washing always comes drying. For the overall result to be perfect, the laundry must be dried thoroughly, but above all gently. Laundry that is washed frequently should be handled gently. Our commercial laundry dryers and drying machines are especially gentle on your laundry, ensuring lasting durability of the textiles.
By the way: Our washing machines, commercial flatwork ironers and folding machines go perfectly with our laundry dryers. We will gladly provide you with comprehensive advice on the optimal laundry setup based on your industry and requirements.

German production

STAHL laundry dryers machines are manufactured exclusively at our factory in Sindelfingen. With a production depth of more than 90%, our name stands for the highest quality – down to the smallest part in your machine.


All STAHL laundry dryers machines are designed for a long service life. We only use high-quality and robust materials so your machines operate with maximum reliability for a long time.

Energy efficient

Our laundry dryers machines have different features that help you to achieve perfect results with minimum energy and water use. Good for you and good for the environment!


Standard laundry dryers machines from the catalogue? Not at STAHL: Every laundry dryers machine we build is tailored perfectly to your application. This way, we can ensure that you have the perfect machine for your laundry washing.

Load capacity in kg





Compact flexibility for all industries

The STAHL T-Series laundry dryer: Perfect for all industries

Our compact T-Series laundry dryers and drying machines are available in five different sizes and are available with the following heating methods depending on customer requirements: electricity, gas, steam, hot oil, interchangeable steam/electricity or hot water.
With these laundry dryers you get maximum flexibility for all applications. Short laundry drying times and individual laundry drying programs make the T-Series laundry dryers the perfect machine for all applications.


Universal applicability thanks to condensation drying.
The STAHL T236 EK tumble dryer is perfectly suited for all industries and applications
that do not allow exhaust air.
The energy-efficient condensation dryer promises the shortest drying times and individual
drying programs, for flexible use.

Load capacity in kg



Load capacity in kg





Tumble laundry dryers up to 110 kg

Our large-scale tumble laundry dryers are available in three different sizes between 40 and 110 kg. Not only are they suitable for all textiles, but also for all quantities. 

Maximum flexibility for all industries -
drying machines

STAHL TE-Series Eco laundry dryer: Perfect for standard use and for when speed is not a priority. 

Our TE-Series Eco laundry dryers offer you minimal maintenance requirements and maximum reliability. You can choose between two different temperature levels and can specify a time with the simple timer. Our TE-Series Eco laundry dryers are available in three sizes.

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Efficient Clothes Dryer Machines for Quick Drying

Experience the convenience of modern laundry care with advanced clothes dryer machines. These innovative appliances revolutionize the drying process, making it faster and more efficient than ever before. Whether you’re dealing with a small household load or tackling industrial-scale laundry needs, clothes dryer machines ensure your garments are dried to perfection. With user-friendly controls and cutting-edge technology, achieving dry, fresh-smelling clothes has never been simpler.

Laundry Drying Machines: Your Ultimate Laundry Companion

Embrace the power of laundry drying machines to transform your laundry routine. No longer dependent solely on air drying, these machines provide a swift and reliable solution. The technology behind them combines optimal heat distribution and airflow to effectively remove moisture from your clothes. From delicate fabrics to heavy linens, laundry drying machines cater to diverse textile types, ensuring clothes are ready to wear in no time.

Industrial Drying Machines: Efficiency Meets Performance

In the realm of industrial laundry operations, efficiency and performance are paramount. Industrial drying machines rise to the challenge, offering robust solutions for large-scale laundry needs. These machines boast impressive capacities, capable of handling substantial loads without compromising on drying quality. Equipped with advanced features and intelligent programming, industrial drying machines streamline operations, saving both time and resources.

Commercial Drying Machines: Versatile Solutions for Businesses

For businesses that prioritize efficiency, commercial drying machines are invaluable assets. Whether you run a hotel, spa, or fitness center, these machines cater to high-demand drying needs. Designed to handle various fabrics and sizes, they offer tailored drying cycles that prevent overexposure and maintain fabric integrity. With their reliable performance and customizable options, commercial drying machines ensure a steady supply of dry linens and uniforms.

What are the types of dryers?

There are several types of dryers, including vented dryers, condenser dryers, and heat pump dryers. Vented dryers expel moist air through a hose, while condenser dryers collect moisture in a container. Heat pump dryers are highly energy-efficient, recycling heat for drying.

What type of dryer machine is best?

The best type of dryer machine depends on your needs. Heat pump dryers are eco-friendly and cost-effective in the long run, while vented dryers offer quick drying. Choose based on energy efficiency, drying speed, and your budget.

Is a dryer expensive to run?

Dryer operating costs vary. Heat pump dryers are energy-efficient and cost less, while traditional dryers may be more expensive due to higher energy consumption. Regular maintenance can help reduce running costs for any dryer.

How do you use a dryer in Germany?

Using a dryer in Germany is straightforward. After loading clothes, select the appropriate drying setting based on fabric type and desired dryness level. Plug it into a power source, and the dryer will handle the rest.

Do dryers dry clothes completely?

Yes, modern dryer machines are designed to dry clothes thoroughly. However, factors like load size and fabric type can influence drying time. Regular cleaning of lint filters and proper maintenance ensure optimal drying performance.

Is a dryer machine good for clothes?

Yes, dryer machines are safe for most clothes when used correctly. Follow care labels on garments and use appropriate settings. Dryers can be gentler than line drying, preventing fabric wear and fading, and are essential for quick drying in wet weather.

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