SERVANT laundry feeding machine

The STAHL SERVANT feeding machine guarantees quality and cost-savings through the manual feeding of flat laundry items into STAHL flatwork ironers on several lanes as well as through the automatic feeding on one lane with up to three feeding positions.

Advantages of the SERVANT feeding machine

Suitable for: Bed linen, bed sheets, tablecloths, table runners, serviettes, chair covers, dishcloths, aprons and other flat laundry items!

Make your life easier

Highlights of the performance-enhancing SERVANT laundry feeding machine

Longer feeding table with suction

The suction table with its long feeder belt facilitates the work of the operator when manually feeding laundry into the flatwork ironer. It holds the laundry in position until it is transferred to the flatwork ironer, prevents slippage and increases productivity as a result.

Suction devices with spreading brushes

A feeder device with a strong suction function is located under the feeding table, which pulls at the bottom end of the inserted piece of laundry. The connection of the suction device to the switchable spreading brush system creates a better spread of the textile, resulting in a more effective feeding process. Another advantage of the feeding machines with suction devices is that this option prevents the textiles from coming into contact with the floor, thus improving hygiene. In addition, with the feeder device you save on construction costs, as the feeding machine can be operated without the need to build a laundry trench.

Easily accessible, large fibre filters

The suction system outlets are equipped with large fibre filters to ensure good air quality, free of lint. The filter system is easy to clean when standing via large side doors.

Spreading conveyor and upper spreading brushes

The spreading conveyor consists of tightening bands mounted above the feeding table which pull the textiles without creasing them. Any smoothing faults that may have occurred are remedied by means of upper spreading brushes that can be switched on as required.

Fast clamp placement for up to three operators simultaneously

As an option, the Servant feeding machines are available with a clamp feeding system, which allows only one operator to feed approx. 300 large pieces of laundry per hour on one lane. If all three feed positions are occupied, the clamp feeding system enables an output of approx. 500 large items per hour, as the gripper mechanism moves between the three feed positions. The feeding grips close automatically and guide the laundry to the vacuum table at precisely the right tension. 

Easy operation via large touch display

With the FREEpro touch microprocessor control unit, all functions are controlled centrally. The design guarantees clarity and easy operation. All features can be controlled here and various values can be monitored on the display. The flatwork ironer and any connected folding machines are also controlled via the control panel of the feeding machine.

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Technical data and dimensions

SERVANT laundry feeding machine

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