Environmentally friendly washing with STAHL – how it works

In commercial laundries, a lot of resources are inevitably used every day to turn dirty laundry into hygienically clean textiles. In particular, water and energy in the form of electricity or gas are used when washing machines, dryers and ironers do their work. That’s why STAHL favours environmentally friendly appliances – starting with the design. We tell you how you can wash in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way in your business.

Commercial laundries and in-house laundries in various sectors are subject to strict environmental regulations that must be complied with. For example, the Waste Water Ordinance stipulates which substances may not be contained in the waste water of laundries. Irrespective of this, many companies have a high level of environmental awareness and want environmentally friendly solutions. STAHL appliances can help to conserve resources and operate sustainably – while at the same time achieving optimum washing results.

  • Customised washing machines
    Which washing machine you use to wash in the most resource-efficient way depends on the specific needs of your business. Our appliances are available with different heating types: Electric, steam, indirect steam, hot oil or steam/electric as a dual heating system. This allows you to choose the variant that is most energy-efficient for you. STAHL machines are also designed to minimise water and energy consumption during operation. This is ensured, among other things, by the automatic load quantity detection, so that underloading is recognised and less water is used accordingly. The special thermal insulation of the ATOLL industrial washing machine saves around 20% of the heating energy as the heat is kept inside the drum. The powerful washing mechanism of the appliances ensures optimum washing results so that you can dose the detergent sparingly. Reducing the amount of detergent means less waste water pollution – another plus for the environment.
  • Tumble dryers: flexible and innovative
    Where private households can rely on drying in the open air, laundries cannot avoid using professional dryers due to the high volume of laundry. To minimise energy consumption during operation, it pays to use professional commercial dryers here too. STAHL’s commercial dryers are available in the same heating types as the industrial washing machines, so you can choose the right model for your needs. The integrated plate heat exchanger enables environmentally friendly use with an optimised energy balance. This utilises the recycled hot air to preheat the fresh air drawn in from outside. This saves around 30% energy. Anyone using a STAHL drying cabinet to dry protective clothing or equipment, for example, benefits from efficient condensation drying. Fire brigades, for example, have the opportunity to dry their work clothing quickly and efficiently in an in-house laundry.
  • Energy-saving ironing
    Ironers are essential in laundries for the perfect finish of bed and table linen. To keep an eye on the eco-balance here too, laundries should rely on economical appliances such as STAHL’s single-roller flatwork ironers. The double-shell, fully insulated metal cover minimises heat radiation. This not only saves energy, but also ensures a pleasant working atmosphere.
  • Durable appliances save overall costs
    Anyone considering the total cost of ownership cannot avoid scrutinising the quality of the investments made. This is because it is not only the acquisition costs that come into play here, but also the follow-up costs such as maintenance and repairs. These can become real cost drivers if the quality of the appliances is not right. This is why many customers have been relying on STAHL’s robust, durable designs for years and decades. The high quality, which starts right from the development stage, pays off in the end. After all, cheaply produced appliances of inferior quality that have to be replaced frequently consume an unnecessary amount of resources and therefore have a poor environmental footprint. STAHL is committed to a vertical range of manufacture of over 90% – this means that we can be completely responsible for the quality of almost all the parts we use.
  • Our own laundry is a sustainable investment
    Even the decision to have an in-house laundry can be a contribution to environmental protection for companies in the hotel and catering industry, for example, or for retirement homes and care facilities. This eliminates transport routes and allows you to decide for yourself which appliances are used to clean your laundry and to rely on durable, advanced technologies. STAHL offers industrial washing machines in various sizes – for example, if you have a high volume of laundry, you can purchase a machine tailored to your needs so that you can manage with fewer wash loads. This not only saves you resources compared to a machine with a small capacity, but also time. When buying a commercial washing machine, we recommend our article with 7 tips for buying a washing machine. The professionals at STAHL will also be happy to advise you personally on all questions relating to your in-house laundry and help you find suitable appliances.
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