Do you actually need a special mop washing machine for mops?

Washing mops is a major challenge for any washing machine. Even if the mops are cleaned of coarse dirt before the wash cycle, a lot of dirt is still transported into the washing machine. Is a special mop washing machine therefore necessary?
With a STAHL washing machine, there is no need for an extra mop washing machine. Our STAHL washing machines offer a variety of individually adjustable washing programs to master any challenge. Our FREE pro control system allows you to program the machines flexibly and individually. All parameters such as temperature, number of rinse cycles, holding time and number of revolutions are completely freely adjustable. In this way, we guarantee absolute freedom in setting special programs to suit your needs. Our laundry machines are also excellently equipped for mops and therefore offer you the option of cleaning both mops and other laundry in one machine.

With our professional STAHL washing machines, the mops last two and a half times longer than with an ordinary household machine.


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