Efficient laundry care from small businesses to large companies

In-house laundries from various sectors as well as commercial laundries and dry cleaners come in a wide variety of sizes: From medium-sized bakeries and laundries with a wide range of services to large hotels with several buildings, everything is possible. STAHL supplies individual solutions for all sizes of business and requirements.

STAHL’s customers include small one-man businesses as well as large companies. STAHL’s solutions are as individual as our customers and their requirements – we plan the equipment for a small craft business just as carefully and passionately as we do for large laundries or the in-house laundries of a hotel chain. Our product portfolio enables solutions for all sizes that also meet special requirements.

Small and delicate or large and powerful: anything is possible

Regardless of the size of the business we are equipping, the first thing to consider is the individual requirements. A fire station needs to clean different textiles than a guest house or a nursing home – STAHL offers a selection of different products to provide suitable solutions for all commercial applications. With various models of industrial washing machines, tumble dryers, drying cabinets and ironers, we equip our customers according to their individual needs and are on hand with help and advice when it comes to planning. Our large product selection offers the advantage that, for example, the popular ATOLL washing machine is available in 15 sizes from 6 to 115 kg – so we cover all our customers’ requirements in terms of machine capacity. Whether you wash two loads of towels and aprons a day or the machine cleans bed linen and towelling around the clock, seven days a week, we can adapt flexibly to your needs. In other product categories, too, STAHL’s range is tailored to dimensions from small to large: While the multi-roller flatwork ironers, for example, offer suitable solutions for medium-sized to larger facilities, our heated roll ironer is ideal for smaller businesses.

Growing requirements – with STAHL no problem

If our customers want to change and expand their business, handle additional laundry services in-house or, for example, expand their dry cleaning portfolio, we are there to advise them as a reliable partner. We assist you with new planning and also find solutions for special structural requirements. Because STAHL’s industrial equipment is designed to be robust and durable, many companies use the machines for decades and gradually expand their machine fleet if the volumes or services to be handled change. On request, we also offer technical training for your employees so that you can largely take over the maintenance and repair of the machines yourself.

You can find examples of solutions in various sectors and sizes in our references.

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