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for fire brigades and emergency services

We know how to wash rescue clothing and are happy to provide you with bespoke, comprehensive advice. Get in touch and let us help you plan your in-house laundry. 

Fire brigades and emergency services

Hygiene, flexibility, speed: Laundry services for fire brigades and emergency services

In order to always be ready to act in an emergency and to protect themselves the best way possible, firefighters and emergency services workers are equipped
with real high-tech clothing. Optimum cleaning is required to ensure this clothing lasts as long as possible. Our machines can be perfectly adjusted to meet protective clothing requirements. With the right machines, you can completely clean and dry your protective clothing within half a day. This means you and your employees can be ready for action again in a short time and perfectly protected. Because only the best laundry process removes all dangerous residues from clothing. 

Your STAHL combination for perfect cleanliness

Our laundry machines for fire brigades and emergency services

ATOLL professional washing machine

Our ATOLL professional washing machine is the perfect washing machine for cleaning
Protective clothing, as well as respirators.
When we perform the initial setup of the professional washing machine, we program in the perfect washing programs for rescue clothing and respirators so that the machine can be started in the desired program at the touch of a button. Of course, the ATOLL is also perfectly suited for waterproofing your protective clothing.

DIVIMAT partition washing machine

The DIVIMAT is the perfect machine for all applications in which clean and unclean laundry items must be kept 100% separate. It is loaded from one side and unloaded from the other. Thanks to two different designs, this hygienic washing machine can fit in almost all spaces.

Professional laundry dryers

Our professional dryers are suitable for drying your firefighting and emergency services clothing, as well as your respirators. Thanks to the matching accessories, they are not only extremely efficient in use but also very easy to operate.

TS 1300 drying cabinet

Our drying cabinet not only offers gentle drying of protective clothing, respirators and shoes. It is also suitable for drying fire hoses and other equipment. Gloves, helmets, respirators, hats, safety trousers, rain jackets.

Your STAHL combination for reliable laundry cleaning

Our laundry machines for fire brigades and emergency services

In addition to special materials, such as waterproof multi-grip fasteners or silicone-carbon coatings, this includes protectors and also carabiners and lamp holders in the clothing. These high-tech items of clothing require special care for two reasons:

Feuerwehr Wäscherei

Gentle cleaning of waterproofing and reflectors 

1. When washing firefighter clothing, it must be ensured that the high-tech materials are not damaged or weakened, so that firefighters and emergency services workers are protected as best as possible by their clothing in every situation. Neither the waterproofing, which makes the clothing dirt and water repellent, nor the reflectors or reflective strips may be damaged.
Firefighters’ jackets and trousers must be cleaned thoroughly and gently so that the clothing can be used reliably for as long as possible.

STAHL Wäschereimaschinen, Wäschetrockner, Trockenschrank & mehr

Hygienic cleaning of PPE

2. As with respirators, protective clothing is exposed to highly toxic substances in many applications. Reliable and hygienic cleaning is therefore particularly important for the protection of employees. If the clothes are washed too infrequently or incorrectly, the toxic substances will remain in the equipment, increasing the risk of the wearer suffering from cancer due to fire-related exposure to toxic gases and soot.

Tips for optimal washing of rescue clothing

To ensure that everything runs smoothly when you wash your protective clothing, we will be happy to advise you and program the machines according to your requirements during the initial setup.

Trusted partners for fire brigades and emergency services

As part of our partnership with International Fire and Rescue Training (I.F.R.T.) we have equipped training facilities with washing machines and dryers. The laundry facilities of the I.F.R.T. are open for visits. Please get in touch!

STAHL Partner International Fire & Rescue Training
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