Drying cabinets - The optimum solution for gentle drying

STAHL drying cabinets can be used for a wide range of applications. They are ideal for all applications in which laundry needs to be dried particularly gently, as the mechanical stress caused by the rotary movements of a tumble dryer is completely avoided in the drying cabinet.
Fire brigades have these requirements, as do hotels, sports clubs, water sports facilities and craft businesses. STAHL offers the practical drying cabinet in two different versions so that as many customers as possible can use it. The perfect addition to your in-house laundry.

German production

STAHL laundry machines are manufactured at our factory in Sindelfingen. With a vertical range of manufacture of over 90 %, our name stands for the highest quality in every part of your machine, no matter how small.


All STAHL drying ovens are designed for a long service life. We only use high-quality, robust materials to ensure that the machines are as reliable as possible and run for a long time.

Energy efficient

Our drying ovens have various features that help you achieve impeccable results with minimal energy consumption. Good for you and good for the environment!


Standard machines from the catalogue? Not with STAHL: We are happy to customise our drying cabinets so that they are perfectly perfectly suited to your application and ensure that you have the perfect option for drying your laundry.

Drying cabinet TS 650

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the TS 650 drying cabinet can be flexibly positioned in any in-house laundry – even if there is not much space available.

Inside, the TS 650 offers space for up to three sets of firefighter jackets and trousers, or a maximum of 24 plug-in holders for boots, gloves, masks, helmets or other accessories.

Drying cabinet TS 1300

The TS 1300 drying cabinet from STAHL is the ideal solution for fire brigades, rescue services, sports clubs and all other organisations that need to dry large quantities of laundry gently.

The TS 1300 can hold up to eight sets of jackets and trousers at the same time – and even up to 20 jackets with a second clothes rail. Boots, gloves, helmets, masks and other accessories can be dried on 42 plug-in holders.

Drying cabinets from STAHL

Drying cabinets are suitable for fire brigades, hotels, laundries and all facilities and businesses where particularly gentle drying of protective clothing and other textiles is required.

What is a drying cabinet?

Textiles are dried evenly and gently in a drying cabinet. Clothes can be hung on hangers in the drying cabinet. Boots, gloves or other accessories can be placed on plug-in holders. The STAHL drying cabinet dries firefighter clothing, breathing masks, helmets, gloves and boots, as well as outdoor, ski and hiking clothing, wetsuits, towels and other laundry quickly and particularly gently with three temperature settings.

Difference between drying cabinet vs. dryer

Tumble dryers are characterised by the particularly gentle drying of delicate materials. Although a tumble dryer generally dries laundry faster than a drying cabinet, some textiles, such as protective clothing, should not be put in the tumble dryer. The drying cabinet is the better alternative for such textiles: in the drying cabinet, the clothes hang quietly on hangers and can dry evenly. Textiles are not dried with a rotary motion as in a tumble dryer; there is no mechanical stress on the laundry. Delicate items such as buckles or prints are not damaged in the drying cabinet.

How does a drying cabinet work?

During drying, the entire drying cabinet is heated evenly and moisture is removed from the air in the cabinet using the condensation process. The STAHL drying cabinet works quietly and is particularly energy-efficient: power consumption is a maximum of 3 kWh with a 230 V power connection.

The STAHL drying ovens each have three adjustable temperature settings. Thanks to condensation drying, they do not require any exhaust air to the outside. As the clothes in the drying cabinet are not directly exposed to high temperatures, the inside of textiles and thicker areas can also dry completely. This prevents overdrying of thinner areas. The hangers are not fixed in the STAHL drying cabinet, but can be removed. This gives users maximum flexibility when loading. Thanks to their modular design, STAHL drying cabinets can be customised to meet any requirement.

The drying cabinet can be optionally equipped with an ozone lamp to reduce germs and odours.

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