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Large washing machines from STAHL

Washing machines in all sizes – huge selection at STAHL Wäschereimascheinen

When it comes to professional washing machines for commercial use, the manufacturer STAHL from Sindelfingen is the first address in Germany. STAHL offers a wide variety of industrial washing machines with small and large capacities.

From small to large: Washing machines for every application

The professional all-rounder for all textiles and applications is the robust and durable STAHL washing machine ATOLL. It is available in 13 sizes and suitable for a load weight of 6 to 115 kg. The DIVIMAT hygienic partition washing machine is available in various sizes with a filling weight of 14 to 200 kg. DIVIMAT is the professional machine for hygiene-sensitive areas where through-loading washing machines must be used. For special applications and users who require a maximum of 500 spin cycles with 80 percent residual moisture, the WS rigid-bearing washing machine is perfect. The machine comes in seven sizes with load weights ranging from 10 to 60 kg.

One washing machine – many possibilities

No matter whether laundries, dry cleaners, old people’s and nursing homes, gastronomy or fire departments – everything can be washed in the large STAHL washing machines ATOLL and DIVIMAT: Towels, bed linen, bathrobes, tablecloths, curtains, napkins, mop covers, wiping cloths, animal blankets, fire and rescue service clothing, personal protective equipment (PPE) and much more. The high-speed industrial washing machines are robust and durable, excellently finished, maximally energy-efficient and gentle on textiles.

STAHL laundry machines: Innovative technology

STAHL washing machines score with unique features: The intelligent load quantity detection of STAHL laundry machines only use as much water and energy as is needed for the laundry in question. The special thermal insulation around the outer boiler of the washing machines also save energy. They ensure that heat remains inside the machine and does not escape unused. This also shortens the heating time. In the large ATOLL and DIVIMAT washing machines, the total heating energy is thus reduced by around 20 percent.

The overflow rinsing process, in which the detergent with the bound dirt is removed by the drum movement via the deeper-seated overflow, also significantly reduces the water and electricity consumption of the large washing machines.

The ATOLL and DIVIMAT washing machines also score with their high-performance washing mechanism: With alternating water pressure, this ensures that the laundry is perfectly cleaned and detergent is reduced.

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