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for retirement and care homes

We are your trusted partners for your in-house laundry in retirement and care homes.
Please feel free to contact us for an individual consultation. We will provide you with comprehensive support.

Retirement & care homes

Quality and flexibility in your own in-house laundry with STAHL laundry systems

Having your own in-house laundry with STAHL machines gives you a high degree of flexibility and quality for your retirement or care home. You do not have to rely on external service providers and have the possibility to set your own quality requirements for the laundry. Thanks to the flexibility of STAHL machines, you can potentially wash all your laundry in-house: Residents’ laundry, bed linen, terry cloth items, employee clothing and kitchen linen, as well as mops and cleaning textiles. All our machines are programmed according to your requirements so that you can determine the exact holding times, temperatures and other parameters for each laundry load. 

We are more than happy to help you in planning the perfect laundry for your applications based on your requirements. 

Your STAHL combination for perfect cleanliness

Our range of laundry machines for your in-house laundry

ATOLL professional washing machine

Our ATOLL machine is ideal for washing your cleaning textiles such as mops and cloths. Thanks to the freely programmable control unit, the ATOLL offers maximum flexibility with outstanding washing results. You can precisely determine all parameters, such as temperature, holding time and rinse cycles, for perfect hygiene. 

DIVMAT hygienic washing machine

The perfect partition washing machine for hygiene-sensitive applications. It separates your laundry into a clean and unclean side. Thanks to the different configurations as either a pass-through machine or side-loading machine, the DIVIMAT will fit perfectly into your premises. The DIVIMAT is equipped with side-opening doors for easy operation. 

Professional laundry dryers

Our laundry dryers offer energy efficient and gentle drying of your laundry with reliable residual moisture monitoring. Pick the perfect size for you.


Flatwork ironers

The perfect finish for you bed linen, table linen or even handkerchiefs which also saves you time regardless of your spatial conditions.

Drying cabinet

Our drying cabinet promises gentle and efficient drying of textiles and other items. 

Folding machines

If you have a little more space and a little less time: Our folding machines offer exact and reliable folding of terry cloth items and flat laundry.

Disinfection sluice

Our disinfection sluice offer hygienic cleaning of laundry trolleys, shelf trolleys, open cupboard trolleys and containers. Our innovative FREEpro touch microprocessor control unit enables you to carry out the disinfection process exactly as required.

Our best argument? Our satisfied customers

We are proud of our satisfied customers - worldwide

You can count on the quality of STAHL’s laundry machines.

As your strong partner, we offer you the entire laundry technology - from the washing machine, dryer and drying cabinets, to flat ironers and folding machines - from a single source.
Arrange a non-binding initial consultation - we look forward to your requirements.

Your STAHL combination for perfect cleanliness

Advantages of STAHL laundry machines for care homes

Planning and consultation

We are more than happy to help you in planning your in-house laundry based on your requirements, capacity and structural features.

Machines for universal use

All STAHL machines can be individually programmed and configured. This means you can wash every kind of textile in our machines and you can rely on them 100% to keep to the specified parameters.

Maximum reliability

You can count on your STAHL machines. We design and produce our machines in such a way that downtimes are minimised. And if something does happen, your in-house engineers can perform the small repairs and maintenance work themselves. For all other cases, our factory customer service team is ready to help.

Easy to operate

All our machines, whether a washing machine, dryer or rotary ironer, work with our user-friendly FREEpro touch control unit. All your laundry staff need is a short briefing and then operating the machines becomes child’s play.


Our machines are designed for long-term use and are extremely durable.

Individual configuration

We build your STAHL laundry machines just the way you need them: Heating method, size, equipment, etc. We would be happy to check which configuration is ideal for you in a personal consultation.

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