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for hotels and catering

We are your trusted partners for your in-house laundry. Please feel free to contact us for an individual consultation. We will support you will planning and provide you with comprehensive advice.

Hotels and catering

Perfect laundry - the hallmark of a good business

Clean towels, smooth table linen, spotless serviettes and pure white bed sheets – that is the trademark of excellent hotels and restaurants. With STAHL Wäschereimaschinen’s commercial laundry systems, you and your business are perfectly equipped to master your daily laundry tasks in the best possible way. If you choose STAHL Wäschereimaschinen for your in-house laundry, you will not only increase your cost-savings, become more flexible and save time, you will also improve customer satisfaction. Because we are driven by customer satisfaction.

Your STAHL combination for perfect cleanliness

Our laundry machines for hotel and catering businesses

ATOLL washing machine

Our ATOLL professional washing machine is suitable for all textiles used in the hotel and catering industries. The customisation options, from the size to the washing program and control unit, make it your perfect washing machine.

Laundry dryers

Just like our professional washing machines, our laundry dryers are available in a range of sizes. This enables you to pick the perfect size for your requirements.

Flatwork ironers

Our flatwork ironers give your table and bed linen a fast, perfect finish. Our product range includes compact flatwork ironers through to single-person ironers. We can recommend the perfect ironer to suit your needs. 

Folding machines

Perfectly folded laundry with minimal staff and time effort: This is what our terry cloth and flat laundry folding machines offer. 

Drying cabinet

Our drying cabinet promises gentle and efficient drying of textiles and other items. It is also perfectly suitable for hiking boots and clothing. 

Your in-house laundry could look like this

In-house laundry

An in-house laundry is not only worth having in large hotels, but also for small holiday homes, guest houses and restaurants. To give you an impression of the equipment used in in-house laundries, we have listed the machinery some of our customers are using. Please note: These examples are not a substitute for an individual consultation. As part of our consultation with you, we will determine your precise needs and offer you the optimum combination of machines consisting of washing machines, dryers, ironers and folding machines based on your requirements.

100 rooms with a restaurant and butcher’s shop

All laundry performed in house

11 holiday homes with a farm

All laundry performed in house

11 holiday homes with a farm

17 rooms with a restaurant

All laundry performed in house
Our best argument? Our satisfied customers

We are proud of our satisfied customers - worldwide

You can count on the quality of STAHL’s laundry machines.

As your strong partner, we offer you the entire laundry technology - from the washing machine, dryer and drying cabinets, to flat ironers and folding machines - from a single source.
Arrange a non-binding initial consultation - we look forward to your requirements.

Good reasons to purchase STAHL laundry machines

Advantages for the hotel and catering industries

Planning and consultation

We are experts at designing in-house laundries and then turning these designs into a reality. Together with you we will plan the perfect laundry to meet your requirements.

Easy to operate

All our machines, whether a washing machine, dryer or rotary ironer, work with our user-friendly FREEpro touch control unit. This means that your employees will be able to operate all our devices after a short briefing.


Our machines are designed for long-term commercial use. It is not unheard of that our machines are still in use even after 20 years and longer.

Maximum reliability

Our STAHL machines are designed and built so that you can rely on them completely. You will benefit from minimal downtimes. And if something does happen, your in-house engineers can perform the small repairs and maintenance work themselves. For all other cases, our skilled customer service team is ready to help.

We are proud partners of DEHOGA Baden-Würtemberg

We use our association membership to exchange information with the industry, to network and to strengthen the industry as a whole. 

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