Always ready for use thanks to professional maintenance and care

Industrial washing machines, tumble dryers, ironers and folding machines for professional use perform a lot and are often in use almost around the clock. The service professionals at STAHL will tell you what you can do to take the best possible care of your appliances.

If you decide to buy a high-performance industrial washing machine or commercial tumble dryer from STAHL, you are choosing an appliance that has been designed for continuous use: Our engineers emphasise durability and robust, high-quality materials in the design, because we know that our customers depend on the reliable performance of our appliances. Nobody can afford a breakdown, which is why quality is the be-all and end-all when it comes to machines for commercial use.

Take the following tips to heart for guaranteed long-lasting enjoyment of your appliances:

  • Installation by professionals
    When you buy an appliance from us – regardless of whether you are setting up a complete in-house laundry or have decided to purchase a single appliance – advice is included. We support you in finding the right solution, setting it up on site and putting it into operation. You can rely on the professionals to set up and commission your new appliance safely.
  • Take load weight into account
    Do you have loads of laundry that needs to be cleaned quickly? Then let the STAHL industrial washing machines do their job! Please adhere to the maximum load weight to achieve optimum results. If you overload the machine, it will not work optimally. For example, we offer our ATOLL washing machine in 15 sizes from 6 to 115 kg – there is a suitable solution for every need. If you have a particularly large load of laundry, you benefit from short washing times so that several loads of laundry can be washed through in a short time. STAHL tumble dryers are also available in different sizes so that we can offer you a customised solution for your needs.
  • Correct dosage
    “A lot helps a lot” – this definitely does not apply to the use of detergent! Too much detergent can have a negative effect on the washing result and can even build up on the laundry. Overdosing also increases your costs. We recommend adhering to the detergent manufacturer’s instructions to protect the environment and your wallet.
  • Observe maintenance intervals
    The maintenance requirements for our appliances are minimal because we design them with a focus on robustness and durability. Nevertheless, even our machines cannot do without maintenance and we recommend that you adhere to the regular annual maintenance intervals in order to comply with the applicable accident prevention regulations. By taking out a maintenance contract, you no longer have to worry about anything – our technicians will remind you when the intervals are due, so all you need to do is coordinate an appointment with our service team.
  • Technical training
    Would you like to carry out minor maintenance and repair work yourself? We can support you with our technical training courses. When it comes to repairs, we focus on the needs of our customers and emphasise simple work processes and spare parts that are as universally available as possible. That’s why we can quickly familiarise you and your employees with our technical training courses so that you can carry out smaller jobs yourself.
  • Any questions? Give us a call!
    If you are unsure how to operate your appliance or have any other questions, our service hotline staff will be happy to help. Most questions can be answered quickly over the phone and you are on the safe side when it comes to operating your appliances.
  • In an emergency: Our customer service is quickly on site
    Is one of your appliances on strike and you don’t know what to do? In over 80% of cases, we can solve the problem over the phone so that there is hardly any downtime. If a technician does need to be called out on site, our customer service team will be with you quickly throughout Germany. Repairs can usually be carried out immediately as our technicians are equipped with an optimised stock of spare parts.

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