DIVIMAT hygienic washing machine

The robust and durable DIVIMAT hygienic washing machine is available in a range of sizes from 14 to 200 kg and is suitable for all textiles and applications. You can now wash everything in just one washing machine.

Advantages of the DIVIMAT partition washing machine

Suitable for: Residents’ laundry, towels and washcloths, tablecloths and serviettes, bed linen, incontinence pads and bibs, outerwear and wet cleaning, mops and cloths, dirt-trapping mats and pet blankets, fire brigade and rescue service clothing, PPE and equipment items such as respiratory protection masks, kitchen linen, curtains and drapes and much more!

Make your life easier

Highlights of the high-performance DIVIMAT partition washing machine made in Germany

Automatic load size detection

The maintenance-free PTS 3 Power Transmission System developed by us only consumes as much energy as is actually needed for the respective activity, e.g. power consumption during spinning decreases the drier your laundry becomes, or if the DIVIMAT commercial washing machine is not fully loaded. The PTS 3 with its trendsetting ultra-efficient motor reduces current spikes, detects and controls unbalance situations, ensures quiet operation and features continuously adjustable washing and spinning rotation speeds as well as gentle starting and wear-free braking of the drum without the use of mechanical braking components. What PTS 3 means for you is flexible, economical, safe and innovative washing.

Our intelligent WRS water regulation system continuously monitors the water level and adapts to the circumstances automatically. For example, the DIVIMAT recognises when there isn’t a full load, meaning less water is used. This means that STAHL’s DIVIMAT partition washer extractor machines always have the lowest possible water consumption and are the most economical washing machines for your commercial purposes.

Impressively dimensioned drum bearings

The massive bearing of the DIVIMAT hygienic washing machine is the impressive expression of quality of our STAHL laundry machines. It was developed by us and perfectly corresponds to our philosophy of the best quality and longevity. Its impressive features include its dimensions, grease nipples and multiple protection against suds.  

Large 180° side opening doors

The large doors open sideways through a full 180 degrees, giving access to the wash drum without water dripping from above. The doors with their large viewing panel can be left-or right-closing on both the clean and unclean side, as chosen by you. The doors of the wash drum are also large, ensuring that you can load and unload it quickly and conveniently. The lock mechanism of the drum is sturdy and secure, but can nevertheless be opened and closed with one hand. During loading and unloading the washing drum door acts as a support to prevent you from slipping. Immediately after the end of the washing process the drum stops at the door opening where it automatically locks into position, which enables you to work quickly and safely.

Rigidly-mounted Drum

Sturdy drum with large funnel perforations which are gentle on fibres:
The STAHL drum is suitable for washing all types of textiles, even heavily soiled mops or dirt-trapping mats, in just one machine without coarse dirt remaining in the drum after the wash cycle. In addition, due to the funnel perforations, a lower spin speed is required for a residual moisture of approx. 48%.

The STAHL stainless steel washer drum has funnel-shaped and gently curved outwards-facing perforations. This means that your laundry is very gently handled, and the desired friction effect increases within the laundry, but decreases on the metal. The number of the holes and their size has been optimised in order to provide you with the maximum possible level of efficiency. They ensure that any suds are discharged quickly, which is important, especially during the spin cycle, in order to achieve the desired residual moisture level of approx. 48% quickly with minimal energy consumption. During the spin cycle, the laundry is pressed onto the funnel perforations. If the drum perforations are too small, more power is required due to a higher spin speed and longer spin cycle time. This leads to greater energy consumption and more wear on the bearings and spring/shock absorber system.
With the STAHL drum perforations you also benefit from the fact that no coarse dirt from mop covers, dirt-trapping mats and kitchen linen remains in the drum after the wash cycle. Depending on the washing machine size, the DIVIMAT is equipped with between four and six drum paddles, which are also perforated. This paddle technology ensures greater movement and quicker immersion of your laundry, thus saving you time and energy. Another benefit of our drum is the dome on the rear side. This reduces the area that does not come into contact with the laundry compared to conventional systems. The quantity of unused water is therefore reduced and this also saves you water and energy.

Generously dimensioned stainless steel drain valve

The large stainless steel drain valve without a ball, rubber membrane or strainer ensures a reliable workflow even when there is coarse dirt in the laundry and can be accessed from the front via a large service flap

The stainless steel drain valve developed and produced by us is large and step-shaped, which prevents dirt from being deposited and foreign bodies getting stuck in it. This guarantees you a reliable and economical workflow without the need for time-consuming maintenance. The stainless steel drain valve in our partition washing machines is controlled by water or air and therefore remains closed even if there is a power failure, which would otherwise result in the water being lost and you having to restart the washing process. This promises operational reliability when using STAHL commercial washing machines. Another advantage for you is that they are wear-free, as there is no rubber diaphragm, ball or strainer is installed in the STAHL stainless steel drain valve. As a result, you benefit from a reduction in maintenance costs.

High-quality detergent compartments made from stainless steel

Stainless steel detergent compartments prevent the washing powder from clumping together and always remain hygienically clean.

Stable side parts made from stainless steel

Stable stainless steel side parts, exclusively commercial industrial components and a no savings policy on material thickness make the STAHL professional washing machine a high-quality and long-lasting investment

Intuitive operation via large touch display

The DIVIMAT features our flexible FREEpro touch control unit. This allows you to use the DIVIMAT in different ways. In addition to 99 freely programmable washing programs, you also have the option of adjusting various parameters during the washing process. These parameters include temperature, holding time, water level, speed, rinse time, spin time and spin speed.

The control unit comes with standard washing solutions that  include programmes at a variety of temperatures and with various rinse processes and spin speeds, as well as single, double or triple soak processes.
There are also washing programme packages for different industries and applications, e.g. for: Hotels, cleaning services, care homes, fire brigades, wet cleaning programs for textile cleaning, equestrian sports and much more.  

You can also use the FREEpro touch control unit to store and select thermal and chemo-thermal disinfection programs which are compliant with the guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). 

If required, you can also treat mops and towels with cleaning agents or surface disinfectant directly in the machine so that they are ready for use again straight after washing. This means that the textiles are ready for use again straight after washing. 

An overview of the advantages of the control unit:

  • Large display
  • Dialogue-based programming
  • Steplessly adjustable parameters
  • No memory cards or back-up batteries necessary
  • Timer with week and weekend function
  • Constant process monitoring
  • Visualisation of program sequence
  • Troubleshooting system
  • Ability to retrieve comprehensive statistical information
  • Additional online functions
Special heat insulation

The special heat insulation encircles the external drum and acts like a jacket preventing heat from being radiated without being used. The heat remains inside the external drum. What this means for you is significant energy savings. What’s more, this thermal effect reduces the heating-up times and you save about 20% of the heating energy.

Powerful washing mechanism

During the washing process the laundry is influenced not only by mechanical forces but also by changes in water pressure, which increases the efficiency of the DIVIMAT. You save energy, water, time and detergent. This is achieved through a pioneering design used exclusively in STAHL washing machines. The circular drum does not revolve in an external circular drum as is usually the case because we have found the perfect shape for the external drum. The water pressure increases at the narrowing and water flows through the drum perforations and drum paddles quickly and under pressure, immersing the laundry.

Innovative overflow rinsing process enhances the level of cleaning in the wash

In the overflow rinsing process, the detergent with the dirt bound to it is removed by the rotary movement of the drum via the lower positioned overflow. This saves you a complete rinse cycle and you benefit from shorter washing times and reduced water and energy consumption. Furthermore, the laundry with the detergent and the dirt bound to it is not passed through the bottom drain, as is the case with the conventional rinsing process. This increases the level of cleaning in the wash and reduces the wear on your laundry.

Further features
  • Free-running drum with spring/shock absorber system or bellows cylinder
  • Manual detergent dosing via detergent box or automatic liquid dosing via all common pump systems can be freely selected at any time
  • Resilient shock absorber system for maximum stabilisation of the free-running laundry drum and completely smooth operation of the commercial washer-extractor machine
  • Strong, hot-dip galvanised machine frame
  • Easy loading and unloading of laundry for staff due to ergonomic height of the large fill opening
  • No bellows between the doors and the drum
  • Single, flexible right or left hinged door
  • Connection to integrated or external water recovery is possible
  • Control of external energy management and peak load disconnection is possible
You have the choice

Available models of the hygienic partition washing machine

For all hygiene-sensitive applications which require the use of pass-through washing machines, the DIVIMAT is the ideal professional washing machine, as it can be adapted to your spatial conditions and washing requirements. Because the DIVIMAT is available in different models, it can be configured to meet your exact requirements.  You can choose from two different models:

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DIVIMAT D – Pass-through hygienic washing machine

The DIVIMAT D partition washer-extractor model is loaded from the front and unloaded from the opposite side. It is available in a range of sizes between 14 and 200 kg for different dry laundry load capacities. Depending on the size of the machine, this model has one, two (Pullman) or three (Y-partition) chambers to make loading and unloading laundry easier for you and to increase staff satisfaction. Upon request, we will also provide this hygienic washing machine as a commercial machine that is both loaded and unloaded from one side.

Divimat S 140 Be- und Entladung Englisch

DIVIMAT S – side-loading hygienic washing machine

The DIVMAT S hygienic washing machine is the other model from STAHL, which allows you to load the machine from the side and unload it from a large porthole door on the clean side.

This side loader model is available for load capacities of 14kg.


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