Laundry advice from the professionals from STAHL

Planning and advice

Laundry planning and advice for your successful use of STAHL laundry machines

Laundry planning and advice is a service provided by STAHL which we are pleased to offer you at any time in relation to our laundry systems. Our experienced laundry systems advisors who have been with us for many years look forward to receiving your enquiry and they will always have a profit-generating, forward-looking, bespoke and reliable solution for you. In a process carried out jointly with you we determine what your required throughput of laundry is, and on this basis we work out what STAHL commercial laundry machines your laundry actually requires. In order to provide you with the ideal proposition in terms of laundry machinery we will be happy to draw up a customised laundry plan for you, including two- or three-dimensional laundry layout/fittings plans, technical layout plans, installation drawings and profitability calculations. Attractive and secure financing options round off our laundry planning and advice. A simple and well-proven alternative to the provision of laundry purchasing finance is, for example, leasing over various timeframes.

STAHL provides advice on and plans all projects relating to laundry machines, no matter what their size:

  • initial procurement of industrial laundry machines in the case of the setting up, launch or construction of your new business.
  • Expansion of your inventory of laundry machinery
  • Reinvestment in your laundry systems
  • Analysis, planning, improvement, and implementation of your laundry processes.
  • Energy advice concerning your laundry plant

We provide reliable advice on all laundry machine applications and fields of use

Our professional sales staff and engineers are sure to have the ideal solution for your sector too.

After-sales service for your STAHL laundry machines

After-sales service is very important to us as a way of ensuring that you are always able to work with your STAHL products safely, and with high levels of satisfaction. Therefore our advice does not end with your purchase of the high-quality, modern STAHL laundry machines. Both our sales staff and our engineers, as well as our service staff and applications engineers are at your disposal at all times. They provide the best possible level of service and continuous improvement of your STAHL laundry machines.

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