Cutting down on gas in the laundry

The topic “gas” is dominating the headlines right now: The question is: Will gas be in short supply? The textile cleaning industry and laundries rely on gas too. Thanks to STAHL laundry machines, they can wash more energy efficient and benefit from savings opportunities. 

Daily laundries and textile cleaning services provide healthcare and nursing facilities, hotels, and private households with fresh laundry. The cheapest source of energy for many laundries and dry cleaners is gas. However, unstable supply forecasts and soaring gas prices threaten many businesses. An interruption to the gas distribution will bring production processes to a standstill. Reliance on fossil fuels to power the sector will continue. Confronted with the current situation, laundries and textile cleaning services have good reasons to reduce their energy consumption.


How can laundries and dry cleaners cut energy costs?

Companies should closely examine their on-site operations to determine where they can make energy savings. How is the machinery set up? Are there any energy guzzlers? Converting to energy-efficient washing machines that consume less power is a recommended course of action. This is precisely what STAHL laundry machines offer: Through innovative features, professional machines from STAHL effectively cut water, heat, and power consumption.


Minor actions cut energy consumption

Training employees to conserve energy is a great way to motivate the team toward more energy-efficient work. In practice, switching from gas to electricity is probably not feasible for many commercial laundries and dry cleaners. However, even small actions can have a significant impact:

  • Loading the washer to capacity over half-loading it
  • Adding insulation for steam-bearing pipes and appliances
  • Reusing water and heat


Where does energy efficiency come into play in STAHL machines?

STAHL’s professional laundry machines allow laundries and dry cleaners to cut energy and costs without sacrificing quality. Whether washing machines, tumble dryers, flatwork ironers, or folding machines – machinery from STAHL can be customized to meet the exact requirements and are available in a wide range of sizes. That’s why their operation meets every demand while staying near maximum capacity.

STAHL offers the heating modes electric, steam, indirect steam, superheated oil, or steam/electric as a dual heating system. Depending on the operation, the most efficient heating mode is available.

Engineering innovations make STAHL laundry machines highly energy-efficient: The devices consume only the necessary energy thanks to the power transmission drive. Less water is used thanks to the WRS water regulation system. A pendulum overflow rinse system saves a complete rinse cycle, and the unique thermal insulation lowers heating costs by around 30%. Tumble dryers from STAHL work with an intelligent recirculating air recovery system that uses and recycles about 50% of the exhaust air. These are just a few ways STAHL products can help you save energy.

More features on energy efficiency with STAHL machines are available for you on our product pages.

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