Dosing systems – possibilities with STAHL machines

Dosing systems ensure that detergent is precisely dosed and added to the laundry at the right time. In this way, dosing systems help companies to achieve optimum washing results and work efficiently. With STAHL, you have a free choice: The dosing systems of all detergent suppliers are compatible with our laundry technology.

For businesses that wash large quantities of laundry, it is important to use exactly the right amount of detergent to ensure effective cleaning and work cost-effectively at the same time. Dosing systems can help to optimise detergent consumption, reduce costs and minimise environmental impact.

In addition, there is less damage to laundry and skin irritation caused by overdosing detergent. The consumption of detergents can be optimised with a dosing system.


STAHL offers flexibility

When purchasing a dosing system, you have a choice: there are many suppliers and dosing systems. Some dosing systems can only be connected to one washing machine; other systems offer the option of supplying several washing machines with chemicals.

With STAHL laundry machines, you are on the safe side: the dosing systems of all detergent suppliers can be connected to our machines. When the dosing system is installed, the appropriate programmes are set directly on the washing machine by the detergent supplier’s application engineer – individually tailored to the respective requirements.

Advantages of dosing systems

  • Precise dosing of detergent
  • Transparent processes
  • Increased user safety: less contact with chemicals
  • Economical
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Convenient

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