All STAHL laundry machines are made in Germany. We produce all of our machines at our own factory in Sindelfingen. 

Our German production facility in Sindelfingen

Made by STAHL means made in Germany!

We have always produced our laundry machines at our own factory located in Sindelfingen, Germany.
We are proud that we have a vertical integration of over 90% for all machines. This means that we are responsible for the quality of almost all of the components. That is why we can guarantee that our machines are of the best quality. We invite you to get to know our production facilities and company personally and experience our machines directly on site. 

You can get a first impression of our extraordinary production process for our laundry machines in this film: 


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Our qualified specialist staff based in the Maichingen district of Sindelfingen operate the very latest production machinery.
At the heart of the laundry technology production process are our two ultra-modern, fully automatic lasers: The loading, actual process and unloading stages are completely automated. In addition to this technology, we use different welding, milling and grinding robots in our production process which manufacture the individual components of our machines. The drums of our laundry machines are produced using a combination punch laser machine. At our production facility in Sindelfingen, we also have the newest generation turning and milling centre. 

Our automatic bending centre is particularly impressive: Here, different components for our commercial laundry machines are made from raw steel. 
Our components are painted in our own paint shop. The troughs and rollers for our laundry ironers, which have diameters ranging from 200 to 1610 mm, are also precision-machined in Maichingen. 

Our final assembly is located at the Gottlob STAHL hall which was completed in 2017. There, our specially trained staff assemble the previously produced individual parts into a new STAHL machine. Before the machines make their way to our customers all around the world. they undergo rigorous quality and functional performance testing on our test benches. Only once they have passed the tests are the new laundry machines expertly packed and dispatched to the customer. 

Our vertical integration is over 90%, which means we always have an eye on the quality of all of our components and you can rely 100% on the superior quality of each component, from the drum to the detergent compartment, from the stainless steel drain valve to the troughs. 

We are pleased to give you an insight into our production process so that you can personally experience the advantages of our machines.  Because, in addition to exceptional quality, our production facility in Germany offers the unbeatable advantage that we can respond to your requests and requirements individually. 

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Unsere Produktion in Sindelfingen, verrät viel über die Qualität unserer Produkte.
In unserem Film nehmen wir Sie mit hinter die Kulissen.


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