Production of commercial washing machines by STAHL laundry machines


Production of your professional laundry systems by STAHL Laundry Machines

Production by STAHL Laundry Machines takes place exclusively in Germany. At STAHL Laundry Machines both our modern metalworking and our team-based final assembly are based at the large company headquarters site in Sindelfingen. So ‘Made by STAHL’ means ‘Made in Germany’.

Our highly-skilled specialist staff based in the Maichingen district of Sindelfingen operate the very latest metalworking machines. The heart of the laundry systems production process is a laser welding unit which collects sheets of metal that are up to 30 mm thick from the high bay warehouse and then cuts them into blanks for the commercial laundry machines – all in a fully automated process. A combined punch-laser machine and sheet bending machines then undertake further machining of the parts. At the centre of the metalworking process is STAHL’s automatic folding unit. However, as a manufacturer of laundry machines STAHL does not just manufacture the housings itself in Baden-Württemberg. The drums of the commercial washing machines and laundry driers are also perforated, bent and welded by us. The STAHL troughs and rollers for the laundry ironers with diameters ranging from 200 to 2,010 mm are likewise precision-machined in Maichingen. This high degree of vertical integration allows us to pay particular attention to quality right from the beginning of the production chain, and what’s more, we are extremely flexible in accommodating your wishes. This flexibility is one of our hallmarks.

Final assembly of the professional commercial laundry machines is then carried out by specially trained staff in the assembly departments before the machines undergo rigorous quality and functional performance testing in our test beds. Only once they have passed all the tests are the new laundry machines expertly packed and dispatched from our site in Baden-Württemberg to anywhere in the world.

Our product portfolio of commercial laundry machines includes: