Flatwork ironers from STAHL: Crease-free results

Whether in a laundry, hotel or care facility: if you want to offer your customers, guests or residents crease-free laundry, rotary ironers are an efficient and economical option. After all, professional laundry not only includes washing and drying, but also ironing and finishing. That’s why we offer you a wide range of rotary ironers for your individual requirements – from single-roller flatwork ironers and multi-roller flatwork ironers to return feed flatwork ironers or the SERVANT laundry feeding machine.

How do trough ironers work?

Trough ironers are also known as hot ironers, as ironing machines work with heat and pressure to smooth laundry. Inside the machines there are one or more rollers and troughs that are heated. The laundry is drawn into the troughs while the rollers rotate and remove creases from the laundry under pressure. The laundry is smoothed in the trough ironer. The speed of the rollers and the temperature of the troughs can be adjusted as required.


Which textiles can be ironed?

Due to the way they work, trough ironers are ideal for large items of laundry such as bed linen, bed sheets, tablecloths, table runners, napkins and other flat laundry.


Welche Vorteile bieten STAHL Muldenmangeln?

What are the advantages of STAHL trough ironers?

  • Dimensionally stable steel trough
    A unique selling point of STAHL trough ironers is the robust, powerful and energy-saving STAHL super trough, which offers an actual wrap angle of 180 degrees per trough under contact pressure thanks to the raised input area. This increases the flattening path by up to 20 per cent under contact pressure. In addition, the STAHL troughs made of robust steel ensure excellent heat storage and even heat distribution.
  • Energy efficient
    We rely on innovative features to increase the energy efficiency of our trough ironers. For example, the roller of our machines is lowered into the trough for ironing and not the other way round.
    and not the other way round. This saves energy and makes it easier to clean the troughs because the rollers are lifted out of the troughs. STAHL skip ironers are equipped with double-shell, fully insulated metal cover bonnets, which ensure energy-saving thermal insulation and reduced heat radiation. In addition, the trough ironers have a low-maintenance direct drive without chains or V-belts. This highly efficient drive technology minimises energy consumption.
  • Best laundry finish
    The optimum contact pressure and the long ironing path of STAHL flatwork ironers guarantee a first-class finish quality for your textiles and an elegant lustre on your ironed laundry. Thanks to STAHL’s sophisticated self-tensioning ironing belt technology, there are no annoying ironing belt marks with multiple rollers.
  • Easy handling
    STAHL flatwork ironers have an automatic laundry feed via long, non-slip infeed belts that make your work easier and increase your laundry throughput. You can operate the machines via a clear analogue control or optionally via the STAHL FREEpro touch microprocessor control with large display.

Your advantages with STAHL trough ironers at a glance:

  • Time saving
  • Simplified work processes
  • Crease-free laundry with little effort
  • Ideal for large items of laundry
  • Powerful laundry finish
  • Simple operation
  • Energy efficient
  • Robust and durable


Which trough ironers does STAHL have in its range?

We offer you the right model for every requirement, tailored to your laundry quantities and types of laundry.


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