ATOLL industrial washing machine: Ideal for cleaning mops

Hundreds of mops are used every day in commercial cleaning, which are usually very dirty after use. Many companies use external service providers to clean the mops or wash them in household washing machines. However, a conventional washing machine can hardly cope with daily mop washing and there are often problems with the dosage: if the detergent is underdosed, mops do not get properly clean; if the detergent is overdosed, residues often remain in the mops, which impair the wiping process during cleaning.

Disinfection and hygiene are particularly important in hospitals and retirement and nursing homes. Inadequately cleaned mops are not only unhygienic, but also do not last as long as mops that are washed in professional washing machines. Dirt residues and limescale deposits can damage the fibers and affect the durability of the mop covers.


Cleaning mops in the professional washing machine

The ATOLL industrial washing machine from STAHL offers a number of advantages for cleaning companies when washing mops:

  • Many sizes
    The ATOLL industrial washing machine from STAHL is available in many sizes and has a higher capacity than a conventional domestic machine. Companies can wash many mop covers in a single load, saving time and labor.
  • Thorough cleaning
    The ATOLL commercial washing machine can clean mop covers more thoroughly and gently than a conventional domestic machine. The drum of the ATOLL has a perforation leading from the inside to the outside with funnel-shaped, gentle radii: The desired friction effect within the laundry increases and the friction on the metal decreases. Even heavily soiled mops are cleaned gently.
  • Energy efficiency
    The ATOLL washes particularly energy-efficiently. The ATOLL’s automatic load quantity detection and other innovative functions ensure that only as much water and energy is used as is necessary for the wash cycle.
  • Durability
    STAHL laundry machines are robustly designed and built with a minimum number of wearing parts. STAHL manufactures all machines exclusively at the company site in Sindelfingen.
  • Ideal dosage of detergent
    STAHL machines are freely programmable and easy to operate. Once set up, the liquid dosage runs automatically, but can also be adjusted manually at any time.

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