Drying cabinet TS 650

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the flexible and energy-saving STAHL TS 650 drying cabinet can be placed in any in-house laundry – even if there is not much space available.

Advantages of the STAHL TS 650 drying cabinet

Suitable for: Fire brigade clothing, rescue service textiles and other PPE, boots, gloves, breathing masks, respirators, helmets, fire hoses, hats, ski boots, ski jackets and trousers, outdoor and hiking clothing, hiking and sports shoes, neoprene suits, towels and bathrobes, outerwear, mop covers, life jackets, wiping cloths and much more!

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The highlights of the unique STAHL TS 650 drying cabinet

Maximum power consumption 3 kWh with only 230 V connection: powerful and energy-saving

The STAHL TS 650 drying cabinet only requires a 230 V socket for operation. With a maximum power consumption of 3 kWh, it is particularly powerful and energy-efficient.

Efficient condensation drying: no exhaust air to the outside required

As the TS 650 is an efficient condensation drying cabinet, neither a window nor a core hole is required to remove the humid air. Instead, the condensate can be channelled into the house drain or a canister via a hose.
Thanks to its compact dimensions, the TS 650 drying cabinet can be used universally and without structural work in all rooms without any risk to the building fabric.

Three temperature levels 40/60/80 °C, Optionally with additional heating for shorter drying times

The TS 650 has three temperature settings – 40, 60 and 80 °C – and can therefore be used flexibly to dry any textiles and items of equipment quickly and gently. The drying time can be shortened with an additional heater.

The TS 650 drying cabinet can be controlled by a timer, which starts the cabinet at the desired time, or by direct start, which enables a running time of up to six hours. The TS 650 can also be equipped with the STAHL FREEpro control system. This allows up to 99 programmes to be individually preset, in which not only the temperatures are infinitely variable, but also the intervals at which the TS 650 reaches different temperature levels.

Modular design for flexible use: plug-in holders for boots, gloves and much more

Inside, the TS 650 offers space for up to three sets of firefighter clothing, consisting of jackets and trousers. It is also possible to dry hiking and outdoor textiles as well as ski clothing and wetsuits.

Thanks to its modular design, the drying cabinet can be customised and adapted to the requirements of your own business. A total of up to 24 holders can be attached to the plug-in system without tools, allowing boots, helmets, masks, regulators and gloves to be dried gently.

Hygienic drying with ozone: germ and odour reduction

The TS 650 drying oven can be optionally equipped with an ozone lamp. The harmless quantities of ozone emitted by the lamp can reduce germs and odours for guaranteed hygienic drying.

Further features of the TS drying oven
  • Robust powder-coated steel construction
  • Side-hinged door
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Technical data and dimensions

Drying cabinet TS 650

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