Multi-roller flatwork ironers

STAHL multi-roller flatwork ironers are produced with two or three rollers to provide high-performance laundry finishing and are available with roller diameters of between 50 and 121 cm and working widths of between 175 and 350 cm.

Advantages of multi-roller flatwork ironers

Suitable for: Bed linen, bed sheets, tablecloths, table runners, serviettes, chair covers, dishcloths, aprons and other flat laundry items!

Make your life easier

Highlights of the benchmark-setting multi-roller flatwork ironer

No ironer tape marks and compete synchronisation of the rollers

STAHL’s sophisticated self-tensioning ironer belt technology does not leave any annoying ironer tape marks. Tears are virtually impossible. What this means for you is no downtime. Additionally, two or three rollers run in complete synchronisation – no forward running is necessary. No tension is exerted on the textile at all. This means that a round table cloth remains round, and a square one remains square.

Robust, high-performance and energy-saving STAHL super troughs

The STAHL super troughs are an absolutely unique selling point in the field of ironing technology. Only thanks to raised the feed area does STAHL’s ironing technology, which keeps it shape, offer you an actual 180° wrap-around angle under contact pressure per trough. The use of this technology increases the ironing line under contact pressure by up to 20%. What’s more, STAHL steel troughs guarantee excellent heat storage and even heat distribution. Unlike, for example, lower-quality heater bands or aluminium troughs, STAHL troughs retain their shape even under extreme temperature fluctuations and remain at the set ironing temperature for much longer without having to constantly reheat.
In addition, steam-heated STAHL rotary ironers have a separate steam flow inside the machine. This means that only the first half of the trough is supplied with new steam over the entire working width in order to keep the ironing temperature constant. All this promises you maximum performance with optimum energy utilisation and above all a first-class finish quality.

Rollers are lowered into the troughs for ironing

On STAHL’s flatwork ironers, the rollers are raised and lowered – not the heavy troughs. This means that the troughs are not raised and pressed against the rollers, which results in a continuous and enormous use of energy. Instead, on STAHL’s multi-roller ironers, the rollers are lowered and pressed onto the troughs for ironing. This means that STAHL saves you energy and that the troughs are easier for you to clean, since the rollers can be lifted and moved away from the troughs.

Low-maintenance direct drive without chains or V-belts

The three-phase current/drive motors can be electronically and continuously adjusted. They are located directly on the rollers and are controlled via frequency converters. They guarantee a maintenance-free and lossless drive of your double or triple roller with a low-stress and soft start and stop process. With the specially developed PTS drive the power electronics, together with the intelligent control unit, regulate the power used by the motors at any given moment. Thanks to the highly efficient drive technology your energy consumption is reduced to a minimum. No lubrication and no chains or V-belts mean that you are guaranteed to have minimal maintenance outlays.

Energy-saving metal covers

STAHL multi-rollers are supplied with double-layered, fully insulated metal covers. This sturdy cover provides you with energy-saving heat insulation and reduces heat loss through radiation to a minimum. You and your staff benefit from a pleasant working environment. They can be easily removed to clean the trough or replace the ironer.

Optimal contact pressure and long ironing line

The optimal contact pressure and long ironing line of STAHL’s multi-rollers are the major factors behind the first-class finish quality of your textiles. These two factors together with the flatwork ironer’s design principles result in an elegant sheen on your ironed laundry. That’s why STAHL multi-rollers always give you the best ironing results.

Automatic laundry feeding via long, non-slip feeding belts

With STAHL multi-rollers, the laundry is fed in on non-slip feed bands which prevent the laundry from slipping and significantly reduce the amount of on-going correction needed during the feed-in process. This leads to an increase in the throughput of your laundry, as you can reach for the next item of laundry more quickly. The belt drive is self-tensioning, and the drive motor is incorporated into the electronic control unit system so it ensures synchronised operation at the selected ironer speed. No tension is exerted on the laundry at all. This means that a round table cloth remains round, and a square one remains square. Optionally, the feeding area can be supported with a performance-enhancing vacuum system.

Simple, ergonomic control & operator convenience

STAHL multi-rollers are equipped as standard with a convenient analogue control unit where parameters such as ironing speed can be continuously adjusted. Optionally, the ironer can also be operated via the STAHL FREEpro touch microprocessor control unit, which features a large display. In an ironing line with feeding machines and/or folding machines, the display control is the central control unit. The design guarantees clarity and easy operation. Repeatable process sequences can also be stored here and various values can be monitored on the display.
STAHL multi-roller ironers are designed to offer you perfect user-friendliness. The laundry is fed and discharged at an ergonomic height so that you and your staff always enjoy ironing with STAHL.

Laundry folding table made of high-quality, veneered wood

The laundry folding table on the back of a STAHL flatwork ironer is made of high-quality veneered wood. The natural material ensures that moisture is absorbed and that water films do not form, as with a metal table. In addition, the high-quality wooden table does not get as hot as a metal table, therefore reducing the risk of you or your employees sustaining burns.

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Multi-roller flatwork ironers

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