T 352-356 laundry dryers

The energy-saving, high-performance STAHL laundry dryer is available in three sizes from 40 to 110 kg and is suitable for all textiles and industries.

Advantages of the T-Series commercial tumble dryers

Suitable for: Towels and bathrobes, tablecloths and serviettes, bed linen, outerwear and wet cleaning, mops and cloths, dirt-trapping mats and pet blankets, fire brigade and rescue service clothing, PPE and equipment items such as respiratory protection masks, kitchen linen, curtains and drapes and much more!

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Highlights of the T-Series commercial tumble dryer

Low-maintenance drive

STAHL model T 352 to T 356 laundry dryers have a low-maintenance drive. The stainless steel drum is driven and supported by four sturdy rollers. If required, the rollers can be quickly and easily replaced via easily accessible service flaps at the front and rear. The wear-free motor contributes to the fact that the machine only consumes as much energy as the respective process requires. If the dryer runs at only half capacity, the energy consumption is automatically reduced.

Radial air flow and high-quality stainless steel drum

Radial air flow provides exceptionally fast, gentle and thorough drying. The hot air is blown diagonally, downwards through the fully perforated stainless steel drum. The temperatures remains the same everywhere. The drum reversal supports the radial air flow by changing the way the laundry falls, ensuring sensitive textiles are dried evenly in the shortest possible time. Unlike the longitudinal air flow principle used by other brands, with radial air flow the laundry is not pressed against the front of the glass window and is therefore not subject to greater wear.

30% energy saving thanks to unique plate heater exchanger

The integrated plate heater exchanger ensures an optimum energy balance. The recycled warm air first flows over a heat exchanger, which then uses the stored heat to preheat the cool fresh air drawn in from outside. With this optional piece of equipment, the tumble dryer requires even less energy. This revolutionary system with its high savings potential is only available in STAHL dryers.

Smart air recovery/circulation

The optional air recovery process saves the environment and operating costs. This is because this smart process uses and recycles approximately 50 per cent of the used air. Only the water vapour is removed during the drying process. The dry air flows over the heater and back into the drum as hot air.

Intuitive operation with residual moisture sensor

The proven FREEpro microprocessor control unit, which is built the same for all STAHL laundry machines, is intuitive and easy to use. It includes many common standard programs (e.g. full dry, delicate laundry, ironer-damp). All parameters can be individually programmed. The current drying process is shown on the display. An optional sensor provides reliable detection of residual moisture and prevents the textiles from over-drying. This means the dryer only runs as long as necessary. This saves time and money and also protects the laundry.

Our flexible FREEpro control unit also allows you to change individual parameters during the running drying process. These parameters include temperature, residual moisture and drum speed. What this means for you is: Maximum flexibility, even in the running program. 

Large surface area stainless steel lint filter

A large surface area lint filter made of stainless steel is located underneath the drum and can be easily and conveniently removed from the front and cleaned. Steam-heated laundry dryers have another lint filter on the steam register which can be conveniently removed from the front and cleaned.

Large doors at ergonomic height

The isolated door with a solid stainless steel frame has an inspection window. The door opens to the left up to a wide angle of 180 degrees. Depending on your spatial requirements, the door opening can be fitted on the other side.

Further features
  • Fresh air intake which is not dependent on the room
  • Possible heating methods: Electricity, gas, steam, hot oil, hot water, dual heating system
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Technical data

T 352-356 laundry dryers

Your STAHL machines for perfect cleanliness

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T 352-356 laundry dryers | Technical Data

T 352-356 laundry dryers
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