What is the optimal washing machine size for commercial use?

Washing machine for laundry business

10 kg washing machines, 14 kg, 22 kg, 35 kg or 80 kg? While household washing machines are often only available between 5 and 10 kg, you have the choice with STAHL’s commercial laundry machines. For example, we offer the ATOLL commercial washing machine in 13 different sizes, from 6 kg to 115 kg.

Which washing machine size is optimal for your application?

Whether several 10 kg washing machines or one 35 kg washing machine is more suitable for you depends on your specific washing needs. 10 kg commercial washing machines as well as all other STAHL laundry machines are designed for continuous operation and therefore already differ significantly compared to a household washing machine of the same size. This means that if you have large amounts of laundry a day, this may already push your household washing machine to its limits, with a 10 kg commercial washing machine the volume is not a problem at all.

Running time of a 10 kg commercial washing machine

Another advantage of a 10 kg commercial washing machine compared to household appliances is the shortened running time of a wash. If you compare, for example, a classic 60 °C wash, you have to calculate with a household washing machine in the Eco program easily 3 hours until the wash cycle is completed. In a 10 kg washing machine with hot water connection from STAHL, the 60 °C wash cycle takes just 38 minutes.

The advantages of STAHL commercial washing machines

No matter which size of our commercial washing machines you choose, you can always rely on the extremely robust construction and durability of the washing machines. Both our smallest, the 6 kg ATOLL washing machine, and the heavyweight, the 200 kg DIVIMAT washing machine, have intelligent features that make your life easier.

Automatic load quantity detection
Our ATOLL, WS and DIVIMAT series machines have automatic load quantity detection that knows exactly how much laundry is in the washing machine. For example, if you only load 5 kg of laundry into the 10 kg washing machine, this feature ensures that only as much energy and water are used as necessary.

Heavy soiling – no problem
Even though our smallest commercial washing machines have a volume like a household washing machine (6 kg, 8 kg or 10 kg), they are real professional machines. This is because all components are made of high-quality and durable materials and are intelligently designed. An outstanding example of this is the generously dimensioned stainless steel drain valve. This development from STAHL ensures that even coarse dirt is reliably discharged and that foreign bodies are prevented from getting stuck.

Optimal laundry machines for your requirements

Before deciding on a washing machine, you should always analyze your needs. According to the volume of laundry, our laundry experts will recommend the optimal machine equipment for you. This can consist of several 10 kg washing machines, or just one 35 kg or 115 kg washing machine. Often, the analysis also shows that two different washing machine sizes are the optimal choice for the customer.
We will be happy to assist you with our expertise and recommend the optimal equipment. Arrange your initial consultation now.

We offer commercial washing machines in the following sizes:
6 kg washing machine: ATOLL

8 kg washing machine: ATOLL

10 kg washing machine: ATOLL, WS

12 kg washing machine: ATOLL

14 kg washing machine: ATOLL, WS, DIVIMAT

19 kg Washing machine: ATOLL, DIVIMAT

22 kg Washing machine: ATOLL, WS, DIVIMAT

29 kg Washing machine: ATOLL, WS, DIVIMAT

35 kg washing machine: ATOLL, WS, DIVIMAT

40 kg washing machine: DIVIMAT

45 kg washing machine: ATOLL, WS, DIVIMAT

60 kg washing machine: ATOLL, WS, DIVIMAT

80 kg washing machine: ATOLL, DIVIMAT

115 kg washing machine: ATOLL

120 kg washing machine: DIVIMAT

160 kg washing machine: DIVIMAT

200 kg washing machine: DIVIMAT

Due to the wide range of sizes – from 6 kg to 200 kg – our laundry machines are suitable for any commercial use: from kindergartens, fire departments, building cleaning, elderly care facilities, hotels, handicraft businesses to laundries or hospitals. Just ask us – we will be happy to advise you.

In the fast-paced world of laundry businesses, efficient and reliable equipment is crucial to ensure smooth operations. One such indispensable tool is the washing machine. A high-quality washing machine tailored for laundry businesses can significantly enhance productivity, streamline processes, and deliver exceptional results. In this article, we will delve into the key considerations and benefits of investing in the right washing machine for your laundry business.

Selecting the ideal washing machine for your laundry business involves careful consideration of various factors. Capacity is of paramount importance as it determines the volume of laundry that can be processed at once. Modern washing machines come in various sizes, accommodating the needs of both small-scale laundromats and large commercial facilities. Additionally, focusing on energy efficiency not only reduces operational costs but also aligns with sustainable practices, a growing concern for environmentally conscious businesses.

Commercial laundry businesses have a range of washing machine options to choose from. Front-loading machines are renowned for their water efficiency and gentler treatment of fabrics, making them suitable for delicate items. Top-loading machines, on the other hand, are known for their robustness and quick cycle times, ideal for heavy loads. For businesses with limited space, stackable washer-dryer units offer a compact solution without compromising performance. The choice between these types should be guided by the specific needs and preferences of your laundry business.

Investing in high-quality washing machines can yield a multitude of benefits for your laundry business. Firstly, these machines often come equipped with advanced features such as programmable cycles, water temperature control, and automatic detergent dispensing. Such capabilities ensure consistent cleaning results while optimizing resource usage. Moreover, durable construction and reliable components contribute to reduced downtime and maintenance costs, allowing your business to operate seamlessly.

In conclusion, the right washing machine is a cornerstone of success for any laundry business. From efficient operations and resource optimization to delivering impeccable cleaning outcomes, the advantages are undeniable. By carefully evaluating factors like capacity, energy efficiency, and machine type, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your business’s unique requirements. Remember, investing in quality washing machines is an investment in the long-term profitability and sustainability of your laundry business.

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