Heated Roll Ironer

STAHL heated roll ironers can be operated by one person and provide a first class flatwork finish. The machines are available with roller diameters from 360 mm

Advantages of the heated roll ironer

Suitable for: Bed linen, bed sheets, tablecloths, table runners, napkins, slip covers,
tea towels, pre-ties and other flat linen.

Make your life easier

Highlights of the heated roll ironers

Energy-saving metal covers

STAHL cylinder ironers are supplied with a double-shell, fully insulated metal cover hood. This solid cover provides energy-saving thermal insulation and reduces heat radiation to a minimum. You and your employees benefit from a pleasant working atmosphere.

No pre-drying necessary

Thanks to the high evaporation capacity, STAHL cylinder ironers work with a high residual
moisture without a pre-drying phase. The integrated belt system of the proven temperature-resistant Nomex flat belt ironers ensures uniform pressure and guides the laundry over the cylinder, which is heated from the inside, resulting in an ironer contact area of 300°. This results in an enormous evaporation capacity with a convincing linen finish.

300° ironing path

STAHL cylinder ironers with an ironing path of 300° are designed to offer you perfect
user-friendliness. This means that you and your staff will always enjoy ironing with STAHL.

Simple control & ergonomic user-friendliness

As standard, STAHL feedback ironers are equipped with the clearly arranged microprocessor
controller, aka FREEpro touch. The design ensures clarity and ease of operation.
Repeatable process sequences can also be stored here and various values can be monitored on the display. STAHL cylinder ironers are designed to provide you with perfect user-friendliness. Input and output of the laundry is at an ergonomic height, so that you and your staff will always enjoy ironing with STAHL.

Technical data and dimensions

Heated Roll Ironer

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