Hygienewaschmaschinen für Krankenhäuser, Altenheime und Pflegeeinrichtungen

DIVIMAT hygienic washing machine from STAHL Laundry Machines

The barrier type hygienic washer DIVIMAT

DIVIMAT pass-through washing machine from STAHL Laundry Machines providing you with reliable and efficient laundry care

STAHL hygienic DIVIMAT washer-extractors – the right size and design for your needs and space constraints

We produce two different models of the DIVIMAT hygienic partitioned washing machine for you.

The DIVIMAT D partition washer-extractor is the model which is loaded from the front and unloaded from the opposite side. We provide this for you in sizes accommodating 14, 18, 22, 29, 35, 40, 45, 60, 80, 120, 160 and 200 kg of dry laundry. Depending on the size of the machine, this design of pass-through washing machine has one, two (Pullman) or three chambers (y-partition) so as to make loading and unloading the laundry easier for you and to increase levels of satisfaction among your staff. If you wish, we will also provide this hygienic washing machine as a commercial machine that is both loaded and unloaded from one side.

The DIVIMAT S hygienic washing machine is the other design from STAHL, which is side loaded and is unloaded through a large porthole door on the clean side. This side loader model is available with capacities of 14, 19, 22 and 35 kg:

STAHL’s DIVIMAT hygienic partition washer-extractor – overview

Machine size DIVIMAT D pass-through washing machine DIVIMAT S side loading washing machine One chamber Two chambers (Pullman) Three chambers (Y-partition)
14 kg      
18 kg    
19 kg    
22 kg      
29 kg    
35 kg        
40 kg    
45 kg      
60 kg      
80 kg      
120 kg    
160 kg    
200 kg    
STAHL pass-through washer-extractor – always the right heating method for you

The breadth of the range of the STAHL partition washing machines is underlined by the fact that the DIVIMAT is available with a whole variety of different heating methods:

  • DIVIMAT electric pass-through washer-extractors
  • DIVIMAT steam pass-through washer-extractors
  • DIVIMAT indirect steam pass-through washer-extractors
  • DIVIMAT hot oil pass-through washer-extractors
  • DIVIMAT interchangeable steam/electrical dual heating system washer-extractors

STAHL’s DIVIMAT pass-through washing machine – incorporating features which provide hygienic, clean and economical washing

Other performance characteristics of STAHL's professional DIVIMAT hygienic pass-through washing machines
  • Free-running drum due to VibLess interconnection system comprising strong springs, bellows cylinders and heavy-duty abrasion attenuators for maximum vibration attenuation and noticeably quiet operation.
  • FREEpro touch fully and flexibly programmable microprocessor control unit
  • Manual detergent dosing can be freely chosen at any time using the detergent container, or automatic liquid dosing is possible using all commonly used pump systems
  • Sturdy stainless steel side panelsLarge service hatch on all four sides
  • Strong, hot-dip galvanised machine frame
  • Washing process RKI*-compliant [*Robert-Koch-Institut]
Why not contact us for no-obligation advice. You will receive a bespoke draft specification for the profit-generating and reliable DIVIMAT pass-through washing machine, which is simple to use and incorporates the very latest innovative features. Your comprehensive draft specification will contain brochures, technical data and facts as well as telling you the capital outlay required for your STAHL hygienic DIVIMAT partition-wall washing machines.
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