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Centrifuges from STAHL Laundry Machines for commercial use

STAHL centrifuges – with performance characteristics for economical, reliable, simple and innovative long-term use

The STAHL centrifuges are constructed at our plant in Sindelfingen with 10, 15, 20 and 30 kg capacities. They are designed for commercial long-term, high-stress loading. STAHL’s laundry spin driers therefore achieve high rotation speeds in a short time for thorough removal of water. At the same time however they also help to preserve your laundry, since the laundry drum that is made of rust-free stainless steel is fitted with perforations that reduce fabric wear. The drive is via a special energy-saving centrifuge motor with a drive winding and a braking winding. The motor, which is doubly moisture-insulated, is directly connected to the spinning basket and protected against overloading by a thermal circuit-breaker. The cast iron base of the machine accommodates the free-running sprung mounting. The large size of the base lends the centrifuge stability and ensures that it is safe when operating with the STAHL spin driers. The rubber mounting is adjustable and is consequently able to function for years, which guarantees economical operation for you. The stove-enamelled outer cylinders are made of strong sheet steel on a hot-dip galvanised substrate, and the fittings and the lid are made of ground stainless steel. The brake acts as an electrical generator, i.e. all the mechanical parts such as the linkage assembly, brake linings etc. are dispensed with, thus minimising your servicing requirements. The STAHL centrifuge control unit has an electro-mechanical method of operation and is separately mounted, decoupled from the laundry centrifuge, in a water-tight electrical housing. The control unit has been kept simple, so as to guarantee that you will find it really easy to operate.

STAHL centrifuges – for a whole variety of commercial and industrial uses

The laundry centrifuges from STAHL are suitable for all your types of textiles, ranging from curtains to blended fabrics, bedding and outer clothing to very soiled mop laundry. However, the centrifuges are not only for removing water from textile materials, they are also suitable for all other types of fabrics and other materials. They are frequently used in the metal, rubber and plastics industries as well as in laboratories, the foodstuffs industry, and medical technology companies or agriculture.

Why not contact us for no-obligation advice. You will receive an informative basic specification for the profit-generating and service-proven centrifuges which are simple to operate and incorporate energy-saving features. Your comprehensive draft specification will contain brochures, technical data and facts as well as the purchase conditions applying to your STAHL commercial centrifuge.
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