Textile folding machine from STAHL Laundry Machines


KOMBIFOLD terry cloth folding machine from STAHL Laundry Machines for simple and time-saving folding of your terry cloth and dry laundry

The KOMBIFOLD terry cloth folding machine is right for your business – laundry, hotel, hospital or wellness business – the right investment if large amounts of terry cloth goods are folded for hours at a time by your staff. You save time, staff, effort and money by using the KOMBIFOLD profit-generating easy to operate, safe and modern terry cloth folding machine.

STAHL’s KOMBIFOLD terry cloth folding machine – with features which enable profit-generating and excitingly new folding of your dry laundry

Simple, quick, safe and flexible working with STAHL's modern KOMBIFOLD terry cloth folding machine

The KOMBIFOLD dry laundry folding machine can process up to 1,800 items an hour and is suitable for numerous types of laundry. Apart from terry cloth you can for example also use it to process aprons, women’s sleeveless overalls, T-shirts, fitted sheets, blankets or underwear. You determine how the folding is to look. The FREEpro touch freely programmable control unit allows you to create your own bespoke folding programmes and simply select or change them at any time. If your textiles are not fed in correctly the folding machine rejects the unfolded laundry and in the event of operator error it stops immediately, so the folding machine is always safe and simple to operate. The laundry stacks can be produced entirely according to your wishes. The KOMBIFOLD terry cloth folding machine has a central discharge belt fitted as standard adjacent to the right-hand side of the machine which returns the stacks to the operator. Adjusted to your individual requirements, this belt may also be located on the left-hand side. The finished laundry stacks may also be conveyed to the rear of the machine. These adjustments can also be made retrospectively, providing you with maximum flexibility.

Why not contact us for no-obligation advice. You will receive a bespoke draft specification for the high-performance and reliable KOMBIFOLD terry cloth folding machine, which is simple to operate and uses the most energy-saving technology. Your comprehensive draft specification will contain brochures, technical data and facts as well as the conditions applying to your KOMBIFOLD terry cloth folding machine.
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