Mehrroller Muldenmangel

Ironer line from STAHL Laundry Machines

Multi-rollers Masterroll

MASTERROLL multiple-roll ironer from STAHL Laundry Machines for high-performance laundry finishing with two or more rollers

STAHL’s MASTERROLL multiple-roll ironers – a size to suit your needs

Working width (cm)
Ironer model
175 210 250 270 300 330 350
diameter 121 cm
MASTERROLL multiple-roller ironers – always the right heating method for you

The durable MASTERROLL multiple-roller ironers from STAHL are available with a whole range of different heating methods:

MASTERROLL 1210 electric laundry ironer
MASTERROLL 1210 gas laundry ironer
MASTERROLL 1210 steam laundry ironer
MASTERROLL 1210 hot oil circulation laundry ironer

STAHL’s MASTERROLL multiple-roller ironers – incorporating features which provide more economical, simpler, and quicker ironing

Why not contact us for no-obligation advice. You will receive a bespoke draft specification for the efficient and service-proven MASTERROLL multiple-roller ironer which is easy to operate and incorporates the very latest innovative features. Your comprehensive draft specification will contain brochures, technical data and facts as well as conditions applying to your STAHL commercial MASTERROLL multiple-roll ironer.
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