Präzision und Leistungsstärke dank exzellenter Technik.

Feeding machine from STAHL Laundry Machines

Feeding machine SERVANT

SERVANT automatic laundry feeder from STAHL Laundry Machines for the rapid and convenient feeding of your ironing laundry into the rotary iron

STAHL’s SERVANT automatic feeder – a size to suit your flatwork ironer

The SERVANT automatic feeder is your efficient partner for all the STAHL laundry ironers – the medium-sized MC 400-800 flatwork ironers, the large MASTER flatwork ironers and all the multiple-roller ironers. We produce the SERVANT automatic feeder for you in the following working widths:

  • SERVANT 1750 automatic laundry feeder – working width 175 cm
  • SERVANT 2100 automatic laundry feeder – working width 210 cm
  • SERVANT 2500 automatic laundry feeder – working width 250 cm
  • SERVANT 2700 automatic laundry feeder – working width 270 cm
  • SERVANT 3000 automatic laundry feeder – working width 300 cm
  • SERVANT 3300 automatic laundry feeder – working width 330 cm
  • SERVANT 3500 automatic laundry feeder – working width 350 cm
STAHL's SERVANT automatic feeder – with useful features for your laundry

The SERVANT automatic ironer feeder is your highly efficient helper with the everyday tasks in your laundry, your hotel, residential home or hospital – wherever large amounts of laundry have to be processed quickly:

  • You save time – time-consuming feeding-in is shortened since the textile items can be directly fed in one after another by up to three people at a high processing speed.
  • You save on staff – large items of laundry can be fed in by single person using the clamping device
  • You save money – more laundry can be processed in the same amount of time using less staff
  • You save effort – the laborious feeding in of your laundry is replaced by innovative and simple STAHL laundry technology
Why not contact us for no-obligation advice. You will receive a bespoke draft specification for the performance-enhancing and reliable SERVANT automatic feeder, which is easy to operate and incorporates the very latest technology. Your comprehensive draft specification will contain brochures, technical data and facts as well as conditions applying to your SERVANT ironer automatic feeder.
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