FreePro Waschmaschine

The microprocessor control unit FREEpro touch

FREEpro touch microprocessor control unit for the simple and flexible control of your STAHL laundry driers

We were the first manufacturer of laundry machines to incorporate a microprocessor control unit in our laundry machines and we have continuously consolidated the head-start that this development has given us. The 3rd generation FREEpro touch used today is an advanced version that has been developed by us in order to offer you the perfect solution rather than arbitrary standards. The control unit is simple to operate and puts you totally in control since all the parameters that can be set are individually programmable.

STAHL commercial driers come with a wide variety of programmes as standard for your specific applications

In total you have 99 programme settings available to cater for all your individual drying programmes. Numerous drying solutions are however already incorporated as standard in your STAHL industrial driers, allowing you to get started with the drying straight away. All these pre-programmed solutions are freely available to you and can be simply and individually adapted by you at any time to suit your fabrics so that you achieve your perfect drying result. The standard drying solutions include programmes at various temperatures and with various residual moisture levels, e.g. ironer-damp or wardrobe dry, and a variety of percentage residual moisture values. The following drying programmes are included as standard in the STAHL control unit:

  • Laundry drier programmes: Hot and coloureds drying
  • Laundry drier programmes: Easy-care drying
  • Laundry drier programmes: Wool drying
  • Laundry drier programmes: Delicates drying
  • Laundry drier programmes: Bedding drying
  • Laundry drier programmes: Contract cleaners for mop and cloth drying
  • Laundry drier programmes: Fire brigade protective clothing drying
  • Laundry drier programmes: Textile cleaners wet cleaning drying
  • Laundry drier programmes: Equestrian sport for saddle rug drying
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