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Drying Tumbler T5001

Drying Tumbler TE 3201-7001

STAHL commercial laundry driers – a size to suit your needs
  • TE 2301 – Commercial laundry drier 13 kg – 18 kg (drum capacity 320 l)
  • TE 5001– Commercial laundry drier 20 kg – 28 kg (drum capacity 500 l)
  • TE 7001 – Commercial laundry drier 28 kg – 39 kg (drum capacity 700l)
STAHL's commercial laundry driers – always the right heating method for you

All STAHL commercial tumble driers are available with the following heating methods:

  • Electric commercial laundry driers
  • Gas commercial laundry driers
  • Steam commercial laundry driers
  • Hot oil commercial laundry driers
  • Hot water feed/return commercial laundry driers

STAHL commercial laundry driers – with performance characteristics providing you with guaranteed exclusive benefits

Features of the STAHL laundry driers TE 2301 - T 7001
  • Robust and compact steel construction
  • Reversing drum for more efficient drying process
  • Cleaning flap and lint screen stainless steel at the front side
  • New drum perforation make sure linen is gently handled
  • Electronic temperature sensor for exact temperature control
  • Door security contact
  • Anti-corrosion protection
  • Frequency converter with direct drive system
  • Stainless steel drum for better quality
  • Radial air flow for best drying result
  • Door opening180°
  • Big loading door with inspection window
  • Timer control, 0–60 min. with cool down
  • Colour white
Why not contact us for no-obligation advice. You will receive a bespoke draft specification for the efficient and service-proven commercial laundry driers which are easy to operate and incorporate the very latest innovative features. Your comprehensive draft specification will contain brochures, technical data and facts as well as the purchase conditions for your STAHL commercial drier.
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