Liquid dosing system

Liquid dosing system from STAHL Laundry Machines for convenient, economical and environmentally conscious detergent dosing

Our liquid dosing system with automatic pump and programming systems for liquid detergents offers you a whole series of advantages. Once your STAHL washing machine starts up, the FREEpro control unit adds exactly the right amount of the detergent and additional washing products at the right time. You can always rely on the laundry being washed to the same uniformly high standard. Incorrect dosing is ruled out and the precise dosing that is therefore achieved means cost savings and environmental protection in equal measure. This liquid dosing saves you working time, since the whole washing process is fully automatic and there is no need for manual input. Spilt washing powder is a thing of the past.

The STAHL liquid dosing system is suitable for all types of laundry. Whether it be heavily soiled floor mats and mops, or involves disinfecting wash programmes, such as in the case of laundry from care homes, or delicate laundry and outer clothing such as is normally dry-cleaned, whether hotel bedding and towels are to be processed or fatty kitchen cloths are to be washed – it’s merely a question of selecting the washing programmes that are automatically stored in your STAHL FREEpro washing machine control unit.

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