Senior and care facilities


No compromise in hygiene

In retirement homes and rest homes, all issues that are relevant to hygiene must be dealt with uncompromisingly.

Many people in a small space, proportionately with weakened immune systems allow in rest homes no negligence in terms of hygiene. Of course, this is also true for the laundry. Bed linen, residents’ personal laundry, incontinence, terry towels and kitchen linen must be washed hygienically clean.

In addition to the basic requirement of hygiene, perfectly laundered laundry can also achieve a different effect in retirement and rest homes: far away from home, it can provide residents with a sense of well-being. Good scented bedding, soft terry towels – so you can feel comfortable in a rest home.

Studies and surveys show that residents clearly prefer reusable garments for disposable products. In addition to the benefit for residents of retirement and care facilities, this also has a positive effect on the environment because it significantly reduces waste. At the same time, washing the hygiene-sensitive items of laundry is also a logistical and organizational challenge.

Textile incontinence garments such as diaper pants, insoles or bed pads must be cleaned extremely thoroughly without overly attacking the textiles. After all, the residents want soft towels and no scratchy sheets.

In addition, the strict separation of dirty and fresh laundry must be ensured in organizational terms. As an expert in laundry technology, we therefore recommend our barrier type hygienic washer DIVIMATfor the care sector and all other hygiene-sensitive areas. With the DIVIMAT the impure and the pure area of ​​the laundry can be perfectly separated from each other. This ensures maximum hygiene and optimized processes. The DIVIMAT is loaded from the front and unloaded on the opposite side.

Depending on the size of the machine, the DIVIMAT has one, two or three compartments to facilitate the loading and unloading of the laundry or to wash different laundry items, such as the washing of several stations, at the same time. In this way even dangerous cross-contamination in care can be prevented and you have your own quality standards in your own hands. Germs have no chance with STAHL!