Relaxing sleep with fresh bed linen


The basis for a satisfactory hotel stay is the restful and good sleep of the guest – regardless of whether the guests are business or holiday travellers. Most hoteliers assume that the sleep experience ultimately decides whether the guest comes back or not. A number of different factors are decisive for a positive sleeping experience: low-noise air-conditioning, excellent mattresses, soft blankets and a comfortable pillow.

A further prerequisite for restful sleep is clean and pleasantly soft bed linen.
Many guests enjoy the feeling of sleeping in freshly made beds.
Hoteliers should therefore not leave the quality and quality of bed linen to chance or to external service providers: The sleeping experience does not end with the selection and procurement of high-quality mattresses and mattress editions. The bed linen is the part of the bed with which every guest comes into direct contact. In order to guarantee the desired quality uncompromisingly, more and more hoteliers rely on their own in-house laundries. With their own in-house laundry, hoteliers can not only act more flexibly and quickly, but also ensure that bed linen and towels are prepared according to the requirements of the hotel.

Depending on the requirements and size of the hotel and the available space, an in-house laundry can be individually designed:
For example, a commercial laundry machine and a commercial dryer are sufficient for the in-house washing of terry towelling. If you also want to wash your bed linen in your own laundry, you will also need a trough ironer to ensure that the bed and pillow covers are first-class ironed. A professional folding machine can also be useful for large houses: one person can operate these machines and thus perform many times the folding performance compared to pure manual work. The terrycloth folding machine is also particularly practical, with which an employee can process up to 600 towels of different sizes in one hour.

Examples of equipment for an in-house laundry in hotels can be found here: