Washing mops


How to properly wash dirty mops

The cleaning of wipe covers is a big challenge for any washing machine. Even when heavy soiling is cleaned off beforehand, the machine will have to deal with a lot of dirt. Besides, most cleaners prefer wipe covers made of microfibre, which need special treatment in order to maintain all their positive traits.

But is there really a need for a washing machine specialized for washing mops which are on offer from many vendors? If you have a washing machine made by STAHL, that’s all you need. Our machines offer the possibility of individual programming via our FREEpro control system. Parameters like temperature, number of rinsing cycles, hold time and number of rotations are freely adjustable, so you’ll enjoy absolute freedom in programming your machine based on your demands. That certainly holds true for mops as well.

Washing a mop with a professional machine will more than double its durability. This also means a professional machine will save you a lot of money and time compared to household appliances which need maintenance and repair when they get clogged by heavy dirt. STAHL washing machines master any challenge!