Even cows like clean laundry


Before cows can be milked for milk production in agriculture, it is particularly important that their teats are freed from dirt and feces in order to prevent the spread of germs. In technical terms, this process is called teat cleaning. Essentially, there are three different methods for teat cleaning: udder paper and udder wool are disposable products and are disposed of after use. The third method is the use of udder cloths or teat wipes. These cotton towels require a special treatment after use. Due to the persistent and dried-on dirt, many washing machines reach their limits at this point. Not so our STAHL laundry machines. The flexible FREEpro control allows you to set a special program to soak the udder cloths and then boil them off. As a result, sufficient disinfection of the towels is given.

By the way: The teat wipes do not have to be dried after washing: the residual moisture can be retained until used on the animal and improves the handle of the cloth when cleaning the teats.