The biggest challenge for washing machines: flocked doormats


Flocked doormats are for washing machines what weddings cakes are for confectioners.

Imagine the following situation: It is winter, snow and road salt everywhere. A nice flocked doormat, printed with a colourful logo is lying in the entrance of a highly frequented retailer, doing a perfect job. It soaks in the dirt and water and binds the coarse dirt the customers bring in.

A nightmare for every laundry! Because cleaning this up is the highest art of washing techniques. „When we added flocked doormats to our portfolio in 1985 we knew that this was no easy business. But we also knew that there was a lot of potential, if we could serve the needs.“, Lothar Strätling, director of BHS – Betriebs-Hygiene-Service GmbH says. „Because there are flocked doormats in almost every German business.“

Since 1975 the family business from Zell unter Aichelberg offers services dealing with company hygiene – and dealing with flocked doormats is one of the most challenging fields.

Strong and gentle

The challenge in washing flocked doormats is to wash out the dirt but to not wash off the individual logo. The solution BHS – Betriebs-Hygiene-Service GmbH chose in 2009 and ever since: STAHL washing machines with quality made in Germany.

„STAHL is a company nearby and that is how they arouse my interest. So I visited the production in Sindelfingen to see for myself.“, Lothar Strätling says, who, due to his job as a registered disinfector, knows what tidiness means.

„It all adds up – high sense for quality, friendly staff and an extraordinary service. We didn’t have to think twice.“ As it turned out, they made the right choice. The machines do exactly what they should do: clean the flocked doormats without damaging the logo. And that is a very important point for BHS, for most of their clients don’t buy but rent the flocked doormats. So the fact that the company from Sindelfingen emphasises on gentle cleaning, increases the life span of the mats and for that is an important economic factor for BHS.

A gaze behind the scenes

So where is the difference between the washing machines of STAHL and the machines from other companies?

The engineers from STAHL lay their interest on unconditional quality, which can be seen by looking at the workmanship of the machines. Where other products moan under the weight of the mats, or massive dirt plugs their waste pipes regularly, the STAHL machines show their worth by dealing easily with these challenges.

The washing machines are being manufactured in Sindelfingen only and are individually configurable. „Together with an employee of STAHL we developed four programs, that achieve a perfect washing result for us.“, Lothar Strätling reports. These are programed into the machines so that every employee of BHS can easily handle them.

Focus on environment

As BHS is a family company the sustainable handling of natural resources takes an important part. Even small savings have a big impact due to the amount of laundry being washed every day.

„A washing machine which cleans perfectly but has a miserable environmental balance is quite out of the question for us. So we are very happy about STAHL being a trailblazer in power efficiency. We also established a filed system for water reclamation that saves us up to 50% of fresh water.“, Lothar Strätling explains.

The STAHL machines have a share in that for they only use as much water and energy as they really need, for example reduce the power as the laundry is getting dryer, or reduce the amount of water if the machine isn’t fully laden.

These intelligent features don’t just support the environment protection but also optimise the cost structure of the laundry.

Fits for everyone

Of course the machines in use at BHS are only a small part of the line card of STAHL. The washing machines are available in many different sizes and can be configured individually to fit the needs of the clients and fit into the processes of the laundry.

Additional to the washing machines STAHL develops and produces dryer, mangles and folding machines since more than 100 years. All of those products stand out due to high-quality converting, easy handling, absolute reliability and technical innovations, which guarantee an energy- and cost-efficient running.