Cleaning Protective Clothing (PPE)


There are several factors to consider when cleaning protective clothing (PPE) – improper care pose considerable risks. That’s why the number of statutory provisions continues to rise, and in 2018, the new PPE regulation 2016/425 came into force. Consequently, more responsibility is required, and protective clothing must be inspected and certified every five years. It is necessary for Employers to ensure the perfect condition and periodic cleaning of protective clothing for their employees.

To clean work and safety clothing with a washing machine for home use is almost impossible and undoubtedly not advisable, and this is when professionals are needed. STAHL has not only special washing programs but also suitable machines that are tailored to this type of clothing. Mainly it depends on the right temperature – washing at a temperature that is too high, the garment can shrink, and reflective strips lose their luminosity.

In general, wearing soiled PPE poses a great danger to the wearer. Residues such as oils and fats make professional protective clothing flammable. When it comes to firefighting garments, it is necessary to dispose of toxic substances, which can be carcinogenic. Additionally, the use of softener can damage the professional garment and make it combustible.

The simplest and, most importantly, the safest solution for cleaning and care of specialized clothing is that it’s carried out by specialists with the appropriate machines. We have extensive experience in the field and are pleased to announce our new partnership with International FIRE & RESCUE Training – IFRT. During demanding exercises, STAHL laundry machines ensure that the PPE is always fresh and perfectly clean. At the training center, the clothing must be cleaned after each training session. Most important is a thorough but also gentle cleaning, considering the PPE not only has a high acquisition value, but it is also about the protection of firefighters.

Until now, IFRT has outsourced the laundry, but this has led to significant delays. That’s why they are so pleased that STAHL has substantially accelerated the cleaning process.

Joint seminars with the training center are planned, in which we are delighted to pass on our knowledge about the proper cleaning and preparation.