Idiom ” to wash dirty laundry”

In Germany, there is a idiom that means so much to talk bad about someone. Literally translated as someone washes dirty laundry. But why do we even say anyone washes dirty laundry? The phrase comes from the Middle Ages. At that time, the women of the village met for washing clothes at the village spring or at the river. It was extensively gossip about the misdeeds and missteps of others gossiped. So it became a habit to pass the time washing clothes with the stories about the other villagers. Consequently, the proverbial laundering of dirty laundry was equated with the gossip of the washerwomen.

Washing machine with a difference.

We know our washing machines only in the function for which we have developed them. For washing the laundry. A small bar in Rue René Boulanger in the trendy Paris district of Marais shows how to use the washing machine and drying tumbler in other ways. During the day the “Lavomatic” is hardly noticed, just as a normal laundromat. But closer inspection, it quickly becomes that nothing is normal here. As soon as you stand in front ot the washing machine number 4 and press the start button, does not start the washing programm, but it opens a secret door. Behind the door reveals a staircase leading up to a trendy Parisian scene bar. A washing machine just completely diffrenet.

Ticks even survive the boil wash programme

In Germany sommer time is tick time. The unloved arachnids are not only unpleasant, but can also be a real danger. They transmit diseases such as Lyme disease and brain inflammation and are special survivors. Scientist have now drying tumbler sets the crawler at the highest level. The best way to get the ticks off, is to shake off your clothes after the walk in the woods and they can no longer be dangerous.

A little tale of washing

Before the invention of the washing machine, doing laundry was hard work. To produce soap, ash and oil were mixed; the laundry itself had to be kneaded, tamped and strapped until it was clean. The drudgery came to an end as the first washing machine hit the German market in 1951. By the way: the very first model dates back to the 17. Century.