STAHL inhouse exhibition 2019

We invite trade visitors on 01st and 02nd as well as on 04th and 05th of February at our company headquarter in Sindelfingen. We are happy to welcome you as our guest.

At our exhibition you have the opportunity to experience the whole STAHL laundry machine world in a relaxed atmosphere: Discover our laundry machines and gain insights into machine details that are usually hidden at trade fairs. Read more

Why do wool sweaters actually go in case of wrong treatment?

Professional scrubbers is clear: wool is sensitive. Who does not pay attention and clothes made of high-quality, clean wool holds together, pouts, holds not infrequently after a child’s sweater in the hands. But what is the reason? The wool fibers are surrounded by a layer of dandruff that gets caught in the spin and shrinks the garment. Care labels make it clear which pullover is allowed in the washing machine and which not.

Washing mops

How to properly wash dirty mops

The cleaning of wipe covers is a big challenge for any washing machine. Even when heavy soiling is cleaned off beforehand, the machine will have to deal with a lot of dirt. Besides, most cleaners prefer wipe covers made of microfibre, which need special treatment in order to maintain all their positive traits.

But is there really a need for a washing machine specialized for washing mops which are on offer from many vendors? If you have a washing machine made by STAHL, that’s all you need. Our machines offer the possibility of individual programming via our FREEpro control system. Parameters like temperature, number of rinsing cycles, hold time and number of rotations are freely adjustable, so you’ll enjoy absolute freedom in programming your machine based on your demands. That certainly holds true for mops as well.

Washing a mop with a professional machine will more than double its durability. This also means a professional machine will save you a lot of money and time compared to household appliances which need maintenance and repair when they get clogged by heavy dirt. STAHL washing machines master any challenge!

New Feature Excites Laundry Services at EXPOdetergo

For the 18th time, Milan is the world capital for laundries services: The event was the international trade fair EXPOdetergo late October. Not only did STAHL present its many machines in various sizes, but also a unique feature that customers have been waiting on. “Our summary of the trade fair is positive,” Sebastian Hatz, sales director DACH of Gottlob STAHL Wäschereimaschinenbau GmbH explains.

For four days, together with the managing directors and trading partners, he introduced himself to customers from all over the world, informed, discussed and presented. “We are pleased that many customers came particularly to our booth to ask for information about our products and make solid inquiries.” After all, a trade fair like this, according to Hatz, is always an excellent opportunity to gain feedback on our services and market products.

The New Feature

Feedback from our customers was one inspiration for a highlight that excited not only new but also our regular customers. The unique feature involves laundry machines from the series ATOLL and Divimat. With the innovative function, it is now possible to change different parameters flexibly during a running process. Specifically, this means: i.e., it becomes clear during a laundry-process that a longer holding time or more water is needed; now these settings are adjustable with the new generation of machines. The new settings not only apply to the current cycle, but can be conveniently saved as a default for further washing cycles. The parameters “temperature,” “holding time,” “water level,” “number of revolutions,” “purge time,” “spinning time” and “spin speed” are separately adjustable during a running wash, rinsing or spinning program.

Next-Generation Dryer

Of course, that was not the only innovation STAHL presented to the visitors: The dryers T352-T356, now entered the third generation with more improved recirculation. The newest generation convinces with sophisticated features such as a low-maintenance drive system, an additional lint filter to protect the steam register, which is particularly easy to clean, the possibility of full isolation and optimized residual moisture measurement. Additionally, the dryers become more flexible: With adjustable feet, they can be perfectly aligned on any surface, and can also be rearranged quite easily by a lift car.

Flexible Laundry-Feed with SERVANT

The Flatiron, laundry-feed, and folding machines drew most attention because they open up an enormous saving potential for companies. For customers, who are looking for a new laundry-feed machine, an investment in the new SERVANT is worth it. The machine has undergone a significant overhaul: Amongst its innovations are a clamping-feed secured by a light-grid and light control for a simplified laundry input. On request, SERVANT can additionally be equipped with a stretch conveyor, brushing device and blower tube for loosening and spreading laundry when entering. The laundry input is optional and possible for up to three stations.

Excited Customers

Customers were excited about these innovations. That delights Sebastian Hatz, sales manager DACH: “Being close to the market and delivering the best to our customers – that has always been the philosophy of STAHL. We are pleased to have succeeded in proving this with our new feature and new products and that we are making life a little easier for our customers.” STAHL once again demonstrates continuous optimization of the product range and increases flexibility while working with the machines significantly.

Product innovation from STAHL

Flexible changes in the current program

From now on, the laundry machines ATOLL and Divimat offer a unique feature:

Changes concerning the program can be made flexible during the ongoing washing process. Read more

Senior and care facilities

No compromise in hygiene

In retirement homes and rest homes, all issues that are relevant to hygiene must be dealt with uncompromisingly.

Many people in a small space, proportionately with weakened immune systems allow in rest homes no negligence in terms of hygiene. Of course, this is also true for the laundry. Bed linen, residents’ personal laundry, incontinence, terry towels and kitchen linen must be washed hygienically clean. Read more

Since when is the tumble dryer exist?

For a long time, the sun took over the drying of clothes – even today clothes are hung on clothes lines in many countries or dried over shrubs and bushes. Although the first hand-operated tumble dryer was invented around 1800, it was only with the development of electric dryers in the 20th century that the device became interesting for households as well. Read more

Even cows like clean laundry

Before cows can be milked for milk production in agriculture, it is particularly important that their teats are freed from dirt and feces in order to prevent the spread of germs. In technical terms, this process is called teat cleaning. Essentially, there are three different methods for teat cleaning: udder paper and udder wool are disposable products and are disposed of after use. The third method is the use of udder cloths or teat wipes. Read more

Idiom ” to wash dirty laundry”

In Germany, there is a idiom that means so much to talk bad about someone. Literally translated as someone washes dirty laundry. But why do we even say anyone washes dirty laundry? The phrase comes from the Middle Ages. At that time, the women of the village met for washing clothes at the village spring or at the river. Read more

Washing machine with a difference.

We know our washing machines only in the function for which we have developed them. For washing the laundry. A small bar in Rue René Boulanger in the trendy Paris district of Marais shows how to use the washing machine and drying tumbler in other ways. During the day the “Lavomatic” is hardly noticed, just as a normal laundromat. Read more