How should polyester be washed?

Polyester is known as easy care. But how should polyester be washed? Polyester is a synthetic fiber, which is characterized by tear resistance and easy care. The advantage is: it dries very fast. At what temperature should polyester be washed? The best washing temperature, where nothing can go wrong, is 40 ° C – in no case more than 60 ° C. Please note the manufacturer label before washing. As a rule, polyester is washed in a fine or gentle cycle. If you observe the temperature and the fine or gentle cycle, then polyester can not shrink during washing.

History of the washing machine

History of the washing machine
By the end of the 17th century, the laundry was still laboriously cleaned on lakes and rivers by hand. The inventor John Tizack thought, it must be a machine that makes laundry easier. The result was a washing machine with a laundry press, where the washed laundry could be directly wrung. With his invention came the turn. First of all, his washing machines were found mainly in industrial laundries, which achieved better washing results with technical assistance. Since the 18th century, many other inventors have dealt with the subject of washing machines. In 1902, the first mechanical washing machine with a perforated washing drum was built, but still had to be worked by hand. And as early as 1909, our first washing machine came on the market, until the first metal washing machine from STAHL lasted until 1948.

Hygienically clean towels

Many textiles can be cleaned today at low temperatures. Towels should be washed at least at 40 ° C. However, a large part of the bacteria is reliably removed only at least 60 ° C. For white towels applies: At 95 degrees even fungi are killed. Read more

Do you really need a special washing machine for mops?

The cleaning of wipe covers is a big challenge for any washing machine. Even when heavy soiling is cleaned off beforehand, the machine will have to deal with a lot of dirt. Besides, most cleaners prefer wipe covers made of microfibre, which need special treatment in order to maintain all their positive traits. Read more

Look stupid out of the laundry

Look stupid out of the laundry – but where does this Phrase come from? During the Second World War there were “laundry soldiers” whose job it was to drive through the lines and collect dirty laundry. For this task, rather simple-minded men were commissioned, who then stupidly looked out of the laundry mountains.

Erfolgreicher Messeauftakt von STAHL Wäschereimaschinen

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Vom 13.-15.01.2019 läutete die HOGA – die Fachmesse für Hotellerie und Gastronomie – das Messejahr 2019 ein. Auch die Gottlob STAHL Wäschereimaschinenbau GmbH zeigte in Nürnberg Produkte, Services und Innovationen und ist mit den Gesprächen und Kontakten sehr zufrieden.

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Can wet laundry stay longer in the drum?

A fresh wash load can remain in the drum for several hours when the door is open – even overnight. Only after more than 24 hours, the wet laundry could start to smell and in the worst case even mold.