Wäschereitechnik für Wäschereien

Development of commercial washing machines by STAHL laundry machines

Development and construction

Development and construction of your German quality laundry systems by STAHL Laundry Machines

The development and construction of the high-quality STAHL laundry machines is carried out using state-of-the-art construction programmes and high-performance machines. They assist our engineers with turning into reality and ready for your commercial use the STAHL laundry machines that are excitingly new and future-proof, efficient and profit-generating, simple and advantageous, as well as being safe and service-proven. We only bring a new laundry machine onto the market when our innovative features are technically proven and have withstood rigorous testing. This is the reliability which we guarantee you. In addition, we stick to our guiding principle of consistently improving our laundry systems. This is because if we continually improve, you will have even more success with the professional laundry machines from STAHL.

Our product portfolio of commercial laundry systems includes: